Steph Curry shooting drill and 6 more like it

Even though the Golden State Warriors were recently eliminated from the playoffs by LeBron and the Lakers, I'm sure you were as mesmerized by Steph Curry's infinite shooting and scoring abilities just like I was!

In this week's video, Coach Zack Fields from Breakthrough Basketball Camp walks you through 7 must-have elite scoring and shooting drills–including the Steph Curry 4-way shooting drill where you learn to master great footwork for your shot, no matter where you catch the pass!

These drills are designed to help you create space with precise step-back jumpers and dominate near the rim with finishing moves like the:

  • Euro step
  • Double clutch layup
  • Inside hand finish
  • Step back jumper
  • 1 foot floater
  • And more

In short, you'll learn moves that have transformed the games of NBA stars like Steph, and how you can apply them to your own game!

Watch the video: 7 must-have Elite Shooting & Scoring Drills

P.S. Like these drills and want more just like them to take it to the next level? Then check out this comprehensive shooting and scoring system with renowned D-1 and NBA trainer, Coach Jim Huber!


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