3 Zoom Actions From Pitt & Toledo

We mention the power of the Zoom Action a lot here at Breakthrough Basketball, but that's because there are so many variations and it's incredibly difficult to defend.

Today I want to share 3 unique Zoom action plays from Toledo's and Pitt's dynamic offenses with videos, diagrams, and instructions to help you implement them right away!

When you use these actions correctly, not only will your team be able to instantly score more points...

You'll also create large gaps for the dribble drive that causes indecision and breakdowns for the entire defense.

The good news is this will help your players who aren't as quick still get dribble-drive opportunities. And if you have players who are quick, effective decision-makers, then that's just icing on the cake!

The Zoom actions you'll learn are:

  1. Toledo Horns Set - With Fake Dribble Hand-Off (DHO) and Screen the Screener Action
  2. The fake dribble handoff in this set creates a zoom action with lots of space for the ball handler to operate.

  3. Pitt Horns Set - With DHO and Corner Clearout
  4. Pitt 5-Out Set - With Fake DHO Into Double Zoom
  5. In both these plays, you'll see how Pitt forces defenses into tough 3 on 2 situations with a shooter in the corner, a driver coming down hill with a HUGE driving lane, and a rim runner ready to finish.

Don't let the long-winded names and acronyms fool you... While the Zoom Action has become very popular at the NBA and college levels, it's also easy to teach and use at the Youth level (12 years old and up) - as long as you simplify the actions.

Check out the article: 3 Zoom Actions from Toledo & Pitt that create HUGE driving lanes and easy scoring opportunities


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