5 reasons why you need to use the Chin Series

Last week, we showed you 3 great actions out of the Chin Series (a highly effective aspect of the Princeton Offense) used by Coach Tod Kowalczyk at Toledo.

Today, I want to backtrack and explain exactly why you might implement the Princeton Offense, as well as share this article (with videos!) that shows you exactly how to teach the foundations of the Chin Series to your team.

First, here are 5 key reasons to use the Princeton Offense from expert Aaron Jennings:

1- It's easy to implement.

While putting in the entire Princeton Offense can take some time, teaching the Chin Piece of the offense is the quickest way to get started and open up easy scoring opportunities for your team.

2- Creates open shots.

By using a team's aggressive defensive nature against them, you'll be able to confuse them and get easy backdoor layups that can be demoralizing for your opponent.

3- Keeps the defense off balance.

As soon as you successfully work the backdoor layup once, defenses are going to begin worrying about that cut, which will completely open the floor. This way, you can also start to get open 3-pointers or curls to the basket.

4- Builds confidence.

Perhaps one of the hardest jobs of being a coach is helping players develop genuine confidence. With the Chin Offense, they'll have clear rules to follow that will give them confidence to know their role. And this will make it easier for them to play at a faster speed, which, in turn, makes them much harder to guard.

5- Narrows your focus.

When it comes to implementing new offenses, less is generally more. Trying to remember too many things can lead to sloppy play and decreased confidence. But with the Chin Series, instead of trying to make multiple reads at once, your players only have one or two reads to make.

There are plenty of other reasons why the Princeton Offense can be such a great addition to your offensive attack, but these are the main ones.

And when an offense has been around for decades like the Princeton Offense, you can be certain that it works.

It's been implemented at all levels, from youth teams all the way up to the NBA, because it's nearly impossible to stop when executed correctly.

Now when it comes to actually implementing the offense, there's no one more qualified to teach you than Aaron Jennings.

And when you click the link to the article below, you'll be able to watch Coach Jennings break one part of the system down (the Chin Series) so that it can be taught right away.

So if you think that the Princeton Offense could be a good fit for your team and you want to learn it directly from a Princeton expert, then make sure you click the link below:

Watch Aaron Jennings show you how to make defenses pay with the Chin Offense


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