5 reasons why you need to use the Chin Series

Confession time: I used to be jealous of Coach Rob Brost, but it was for something that you definitely wouldn't expect!

When I first started studying his Uncomfortable Pace program, I was blown away by the principles he taught, and I couldn't wait to use his unique offensive approach to help my team play faster and get more easy transition baskets.

Additionally, his practices are incredibly organized and efficient! It's probably why he's been selected to coach for USA Basketball.

And while going through his innovative program, I noticed a tool that he was using that helped him manage practices...

It was a HAND whistle, and I marveled at how it helped him manage his practices so well.

It's a bizarre thing to focus on, but as a coach you know how important it is to keep your practices moving and hold your players' attention–and every little thing helps!

Before I had my mind blown wide open by the concept of a hand whistle, I was using the traditional manual whistle. And it was okay, but it's slower and much more annoying to handle.

Sometimes you would fumble it... other times, it wouldn't sit in your mouth right... and sometimes you'd accidentally whistle way too loud leaving your ears ringing.

Then by the time you blew the darn thing, you'd lose concentration of what you were going to say because you're so focused on using a silly whistle.

Ever since then, I've been using this hand whistle and it's been a game-changer!

My practices are flowing much more smoothly, and I don't feel goofy and awkward anymore like I did when I had the manual one. And you can control the volume and the duration of the whistle much easier.

I know this is quite the change of pace from our normal emails, but I thought it could be super helpful for you.

So if you can relate to my trials and tribulations, feel free to check out the hand whistle at the link below.

And no, I'm not an affiliate or sponsor or anything like that–I just think it's a really useful device for gaining better control over your practices.

Check out the hand whistle that helped Coach Brost run super efficient practices


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