3 easy transition drills to get game-like shots

Developing your team's transition game is a quick and effective way to get great, high-percentage shots while the defense is on their heels. However, it's not always easy to practice this skill at game-speed, which is why it's so often overlooked by coaches.

In this YouTube video, Coach Nick LoGalbo breaks down 3 simple, highly effective transition shooting drills that will get all your players involved and help them practice game-like shots at game speed.

You'll learn a wide variety of transition shooting actions, including:

  • Baseline Drive
  • Drag Screen and Hard Roll
  • Pistol action

Even better: these drills are perfect for all ages and skill levels–Coach LoGalbo demonstrates how you can modify each drill for your specific team and challenge your players in a fun and effective way.

P.S. If you'd like more highly effective shooting drills for practice, you can take a look at Nick LoGalbo's Team Offense Shooting Drills that Build IQ.


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