Simple way to maximize positive plays and score more

Don Kelbick is one of the most accomplished coaches on the Breakthrough Basketball team.

And in case you're not familiar with him, here's a quick rundown of his accomplishments:

  • Over 35 years of basketball coaching experience at high school, Division I college, and professional levels.
  • Provided individual training for more than 14 different NBA players, 50 European and professional players, and hundreds of college basketball players.
  • Trained Olympic gold medalists, NBA 3-point champs, NBA champions, and All-NBA players.
  • Developed dozens of basketball videos and books.
  • Inventor of the highly acclaimed Attack & Counter Skill development system.
  • Traveled to over 20 different countries, training players and teaching basketball.
  • Conducted over 1000 basketball clinics and camps training players of all age levels.

In spite of all that experience, I noticed that sometimes his philosophies are still subject to a little bit of criticism and objections.

Don says to attack immediately...people object.

Don says attack opposite of the pass...people object.

In one of his recent articles about offense, Don wrote:

"I don't care if he runs over the defense, I want him thinking layup."

And once again...people objected.

Their concern?

Well, that could result in charges!

While that is true with this approach, here's why we also need to take a step back and look at the big picture...

Why The Attack & Counter Mentality Makes You Better

The big picture is we want you to be better overall.

We want you to have more positive plays that result in a score.

So the whole idea behind this approach is, yes, we can see that you could make some mistakes with this approach.

But overall this aggressive attack mentality is going to result in more positive plays for you--as opposed to being frozen like a deer in the headlights when you need to make a decisive move.

Here's another way to think about it...

No matter what approach you're going to use, you are still going to make mistakes. There's always going to be a few negative plays.

Since that's going to occur regardless...why not have the positive plays occur more often in between the mistakes?

I believe that negative plays will occur less frequently with this approach because there's less indecision on your part.

And I've got one more caveat to add...

Why Making The "Right Read" Can Be Wrong

Sometimes we want the plays to look pretty and want basketball to look a certain way. (I know that I have!)

Perhaps this is due to the way we've been educated on what's the correct read when it comes to making a move.

But at the end of the day...who cares.

I completely threw this perspective out the window after learning from Coach Kelbick and studying great scorers like MJ, Larry Bird, D-Wade, and James Harden.

They didn't read and react based on the defense.

They made the defense react to them!

As Coach Kelbick says, defenses are taught to force you to do what you're not good at. If so, why would you do what the defense wants you to do? Instead, do what you're good at!

That's what these legendary players have done.

The Real Point of Basketball and How To Revolutionize Your Approach

The real point of basketball is...put the dang ball in the basket!

So you should do whatever is necessary to achieve that end result.

And the bottom line is...when skill level is fairly close, the most aggressive players usually end up dominating.

P.S. If you're interested in revolutionizing your training approach with Coach Kelbick's strategy, make sure you check out his innovative Attack & Counter Skill Development System.


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