The Perfect Youth Coaching System

Hi Coaches,

Want a proven way to level up your coaching skill quickly without wasting thousands of dollars on programs or dozens of hours searching for drills?

Then it's in your best interest to check out our comprehensive youth coaching system created by a world-leading basketball expert who's won 55 championships and developed 50 collegiate players (26 at the D-1 level) during his incredible 27-year career.

His system is perfect for coaches at the recreational and elite levels because it prevents you from losing precious time to trial and error.

The training includes...

  • 64 Interactive Practice Plans for all levels of youth basketball
  • Exactly What to Teach - Offense, Zone Offense, Defense, Press Breakers, Out of Bounds Plays, etc.
  • Age-Appropriate Skill Development - Ball Handling, Passing, Shooting, Lay Ups, Footwork, Athletic Development, and More
  • Drill Progressions From Beginner to Advanced, so you can optimally teach a variety of skill levels on the same team
  • Step-By-Step Instructions, so you can easily progress from beginner concepts to advanced concepts for offense, defense, and skill development.

As a result, you...

  • Win more games by teaching the best skills and the best offensive and defensive concepts.
  • Develop skilled, high IQ players that their parents and future coaches will love you for.
  • Save potentially thousands of dollars, so you don't have to buy dozens of DVDs just trying to find stuff that will fit your system... which most times doesn't end up working too well anyways.
  • Gain and free up hundreds of hours in time spent scouring the web trying to find what to teach and creating practice plans... This saves you tons of time!
  • Have a comprehensive youth coaching system that you can use for the next 3 to 6 years... as your players progress and develop!

Get ready to be an even more effective, confident youth coach - no more days of scouring the internet for drills and practice plans.

And for a limited time, you can take advantage of the huge discount...

Just use the link below to discover more...

The Youth Coaching System with Jim Huber

P.S. Here's what just a few coaches are saying about this transformative system:

"Very thorough and organized. Easy to get around and locate things. Loved the video component. Makes coaching at this level a breeze." - William D. (Wallaceburg, ON)

"It's thorough and has an excellent curriculum all the way around. The most impressive part is the videos (and production) to show the concepts and drills. I especially love the practice plans with the video clips hot-linked into the PDF. I find myself watching them numerous times before the day of practice to memorize as much of the script as I can (coaching keywords and talking points)." - Justin B. (Portland, OR)


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