2 simple ball screen tips to score more points

When you become highly skilled at the tips in the video below, you can become extremely difficult to guard when attacking the ball screen.

It shows you how to get the screener’s defender to overcommit, so you can easily split the hedge.

This will lead to more scoring opportunities two ways.

1 - You attack the ball screen and get wide open lay ups and jump shots.

2 - The defense collapses on you and your teammates are open for easy shots.

By perfecting these skills and tips, you will be an invaluable asset to your team. In addition to your team scoring more often because of you, you will get more minutes on the court.

In the video clip from the Attack & Counter Skill Development System, Don Kelbick explains how to do this.

Sell Over The Top

You’ll notice in the video, Coach Kelbick emphasizes “selling over the top”.

This means that your mentality should be to attack the ball screen over the top. The only reason you stop doing this is that the defense stops you.

You want to attack the ball screen so aggressively that the defender has to jump way out to stop you.

That's when you go to your split the hedge counter. The split should be wide open. You’ll see a huge lane to the basket that you can take advantage of.

So even when practicing to split the hedge, you still need to attack aggressively over the top first.

If you don’t, the top defender never has to jump out. And you won’t be very good at attacking ball screens. And you might find yourself sitting on the bench more often.

And if you don’t practice this way, you’ll be less effective in the games because you’ve never practiced at the speed necessary to score.

Ball Leads The Split

You will also notice that Coach Kelbick emphasizes “Ball leads the split.” He even says to throw the ball in front of you.

This is critical to do for a few different reasons.

Pushing the ball in front of you gets the ball out of the congested area, so the defenders can’t swipe it from you.

The momentum of this move forces you to quickly reposition your body to an ideal position. You are basically in a good sprinter's stance. That way, you can explode forward away from the defense.

It also forces you to move in straight lines to the basket. Essentially, you will be quicker and more effective.

Not only does it help you leave the ball screen defenders in the dust, it gives the help defense less time to react. This will leave a wide open lane for you.

And if the defense makes it their goal to stop you, they’ll have to overcommit to you. This will lead to wide open shots for your teammates.

This means you will constantly cause the defense to break down and score more points for your team.

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James B says:
9/21/2016 at 6:31:54 AM

For the dribble I like to see players keep the ball lower than most reps in the video. The ball defender will be going over the top on a good hedge or blitz so will be able to get a hand on the ball if thrown from the hand away from the screen (RH in the video) and long/high.

I quite often teach the reverse between the legs as they sell over the top. Need good skill level though!


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