3 Crafty "Hip Pocket" Finishing Moves

Jim Huber demonstrates 3 crafty finishing moves that can be used when a defender is positioned on your inside hip or hip pocket.

These moves will help you finish over shot blockers in the lane or when you’re closely guarded by your defender.

By elevating your ability to finish in the lane, this will make you much more difficult to guard on the perimeter.

The defender will have to sag off to stop you from getting in the lane. If you get in the lane, your chances of scoring increase dramatically.

This will open up your outside shooting. The further the defender is from you when shooting typically leads to higher shooting percentages.

Then if they take away your outside shot, it opens up the driving lanes again…. Making you extremely difficult to guard.

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James LaMacchia says:
4/14/2016 at 8:01:33 AM


Where can i purchase this?

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Jeff Haefner says:
3/27/2018 at 7:49:08 AM

Here's a link to Jim Huber's Finishing Moves DVD:


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