Here is a Dribble Move to Escape Traps

During an Elite Guard Camp, instructor Adam Hepker demonstrates a dribble move that helps you beat traps.

As Adam mentions in the video, here are critical tips for beating traps...

Don’t keep going into the trap - If you just go straight into the trap, it becomes easier for the defense to pressure you and force turnovers.

This happens because they’re already set and in a good position. And they’re forcing you exactly where they want you to go.

Don’t pick up the ball - This allows the defense to smother you and force more turnovers. This will force you to throw off-balanced passes with limited time (5 seconds).

It’s also easier for them to strip the ball from you because you’re stationary and there is two of them.

Back up dribble HARD - You want to take two hard dribbles backwards because it creates space from the defense. You want to create as much space as possible because it forces the defense to cover more ground.

If they are sprinting towards you to close the space that you created, it makes it easier to beat them with the straight or change of direction dribble.

Attack outside shoulder - Whether it’s with a straight dribble or change of direction dribble, you want to attack the outside shoulder of the defense.

This wasn’t mentioned in the video, but here is an additional tip that makes you even better at attacking traps.

Split the gap.

As mentioned above, you use the back up dribble and attack the outside shoulder of the defender.

If you continuously do this, you might notice that the two defenders start to get wider and wider. This will make it harder for you to attack the outside shoulder.

However, you will start to see a huge gap in between the defenders.

That’s when you use attack the gap and split the defenders.

You do this once. All of the sudden, the defenders close the gap again. Now, you can start attacking the outside shoulder again.

You can literally start toying with the defense.

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