3 Rules To Increase Your Scoring In The Post

Here is a video clip from the Attack & Counter Skill Development videos.

Don Kelbick will cover 3 rules that are guaranteed to improve your scoring in the post.

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Jukka Mantere says:
3/6/2020 at 8:24:25 AM

Great things again, but no one is talking about caching the basketball. Directly from the pass, for pull ups, for hooks, for flouters, runners etc. AS a junior I used to be goalkeeper and I was taught to have thumbs behind when caching. In basketball the same, but after catch I run the ball.
I have rule for players, age does not matter.
Generally, shooting hand always on top of the basketball, when thee ball is on hip level. The other hand lightly under the ball. Shooting hand fingers directly front (North or North West), bottom hand, I call it "serving hand" North East.
When taking the ball up.serving hand helps the move with little and ring finger, thumb and two other fingers stay out. The shooting hand stays on top till my eyes or forehead. Turns a bit back and when the follow with arm comes, the relaxed wrist and all fingers will go down. The arm stays up in 11 o'clock.

The biggest thing in my shooting is that upper body is relaxed. Legs and middle body are giving the power to the ball to go up only wrist and finger are given the arch 55-60 degrees. with a good back spin.

From the dribble I take the serving hand directly under the ball on Scuuping (taking the ball up with dribbling hand) the basketball directly to the shooting hand. Many players are doing the same. To me dribbling , one hand push pass and shooting are to my arm the same in follow through.

Sometimes good catchers and take the basketball shooting hand on top and serving hand under depending how high the ball comes from.


John H. Willis says:
1/30/2017 at 3:52:55 PM

Joe I am not writing about this article but I am writing about a video I purchased for my Daughter and Son.The video was on "Motion Offense"and the problem I had it saved on my PC and some reason or another it has gotten to the point that you can't see it any more you can hear Coach talking but no video,what can I do about it and if I can't get the video back,will I have to buy it again?Love the way you get info out to the many different Coaches in AMERICA,AND IT IS GREAT stuff too.I am Retired now so I am always reading your articles.Continue to keep the great items coming.
Yours in Sports,
John Willis


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