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PostPosted: 16 Feb 2017, 14:16 

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Hey guys,

So I've been watching a lot of games both on TV and from older kids at school, and I see something that confuses me. A lot of them will stay without moving and dribble the ball back and forth through their legs, behind their back and such. But my question is, what's the point of this when you're not moving. Are you hoping to intimidate, or maybe use this like an extended hesitation.

When I play, I can do all those crossovers. But I don't because I've never seen the point of them in a game situation if you can get just as far using less effort. I tend to use a lot of hesitations, and I'll occasionally flick it around my back from my ball hand to my free hand to get past slow defenders and go on a fast break. The only time I'll cross it through my legs is when I'm going in for a contested layup to a) follow through with the layup and keep the ball protected under my legs or b) to pull it back for a step back jumper if I'm worried my defender will block a layup. So what do you think? Should I include more fancy crossovers, or is it all the same if it gets us on the scoreboard?


PostPosted: 17 Feb 2017, 13:11 

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The short answer is any move you're doing should be to create or gain an advantage over the defense. Standing still dribbling the ball between your legs doesn't accomplish that, in fact, I've seen kids do that and have the ball hit an ankle causing a turnover. If we're talking pick-up games, all kinds of stuff goes on that you probably wouldn't want to use in a high school game.

Regarding the reason and effectiveness of cross-overs or dribbling between the legs, they both serve the same purpose: to create or gain an advantage over the defense. Crossovers allow a player to fake one direction and dribble the other, hoping to catch their defender off guard. You're trying to create separation from your opponent to blow by or get an open shot. Dribbling between the legs is essentially the same, it just protects the ball a little better by using your leg as a shield from a potential steal. Dribbling between the legs usually comes in handy if the defender is playing too close for a basic crossover.


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