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PostPosted: 09 Jun 2020, 05:26 

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I've put this into the youth section although my team is actually mostly 13 and a few 14 year old girls but a significant portion of them have never played before and the remainder have only played 1 year. i thought it might be better to address the question to this age group category. Our challenge is we have nobody on the team that can dribble without staring at the ball the whole way up the court. And therefore bringing the ball up the court to get it into the offensive zone is almost impossible. it is difficult in the 1st 1/2 when no press is allowed but 2nd 1/2 when many teams will press us we just shut down as a team offensively. We had very little practice time before the season and only have access to a gym for 1 practice per week (and one game day in which we play 2 games). so realistically we are not going to be able to work on dribbling skills enough in our limited practice time to significantly impact the ability of the girls to dribble. we work on it but we only have 1hr 45 min and theres lots to work on. I thought of trying to come up with something that would allow us to pass our way into the offensive zone vs relying on an individual to dribble it in. wondering if anyone has ever tried something like this or if anyone has any other suggestions. I know it's a band aid approach rather than a cure but thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone has some advice for me to salvage something of the few weeks we have left in our season.

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Is it always a man to man press that you go against? Or is it zone press? Or both?

You can certainly using passing to get the ball up the court but it's not exactly easy and is definitely difficult against a man to man defense.

Even though you have limited practice time, I would still try to develop the fundamental skills so players can handle the ball under pressure. First, I would give them dribbling drills to do at home. You can come up with your own drills, find some on our website, or use something like this:

Then once practice starts, I would do some 1v1 full court dribbling to work on dribbling skills (protecting, changing speeds, retreating out of bad spots, and all the skills a PG needs). Plus work on defense and conditioning at the same time. So the 1v0 ballhyandling skills are done at home, then use small sided games during your limited practice time. This is by far the best way to develop PG dribbling skills in the shortest amount of time possible. Here are a few 1v1 varations to get everyone working at same time:

There are lots of press breakers. We generally rely on both dribbling and passing to beat the press. If it's man to man defense, we clear out and dribble the ball up. If it's zone defense, we use spacing concepts to dribble and pass the ball (depending on what the defense is giving).

If passing is still the only way to get the ball up the court, you could try a pass and cut press breaker against both man and zone defense. You'll probably get a lot of 10 seconds violations but it might be better than getting stripped off the dribble every time down eh court. You could do this from a 5 out type of formation (so it's similar to half court offense... players are just spacing in full court). Here's how it works in half court, you just run the same thing but with players starting in full court:

Or you can use this press breaker which using cutting after each pass:

Good luck!

Jeff Haefner

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