3 Up Press Breaker

Zone press breaker.  Continuity based on spacing and passing angles.  
Players start in a 3 across alignment.  5 is deep. If needed, 1 can screen for 2.  Otherwise enter the ball.  In this case, 3 enters the ball to 1.
Frame 1
2 cuts to the right sideline.  4 cuts to the middle. 3 steps in as the ball reversal option.  2 can pass to one of the cutting players, advance the ball with the dribble, or reverse the ball to 3.  Player should keep good spacing. 
Frame 2
On the reversal, 1 cuts to the middle, 4 cuts to the left sideline, and 2 drops back behind the ball (as the ball reversal option). 
Frame 3
3 can pass to one of the cutters, advance with the dribble, or reverse the ball back to 2. Players are now back in the same alignment except the opposite side of the court -- you have sideline, middle, deep, and ball reversal option.
Frame 4
You may be getting close to a 10 second violation and might not have time for another ball reversal.  But we'll show one more reversal to illustrate the continuity.   3 reverses to 2.  3 cuts to middle, 1 cuts to sideline, 4 drops behind the ball for reversal option.  
Frame 5
Key Elements This press break is based on spacing and cutting.  You always have the following: - Player behind the ball for reversal (on the weak-side). - Sideline player (on ball side). Use the rim-line to determine which side is ball side.   - Middle player - Deep player (to stretch out the defense) You can run this full court, 3/4 court, or half court.  The rotations and principles stay the same.   Coaching Points
  • Make sure cutter to the middle sits in a gap (don't let them continue too far away out of passing range).
  • Middle player should be active moving to find a good passing angle.  Ideally you can get the ball to the middle and the press is broken.
  • Players need to cut hard to their spots (sprint to the sideline... no jogging). 
  • Use pass fakes to make the defense shift.  
  • After one or two ball reversals you'll usually have a player open to advance via pass.
  • Take what the defense allows... use your dribble.
  • Stay out of trapping areas (corners, sidelines, and just past half court).


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