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PostPosted: 08 May 2020, 08:42 

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So last season, mostly out of necessity, my varsity girls squad ran 100% 2-3 zone. For the most part, I loved it, it fit seamlessly with the 2-2-1 press we went to often, we saw essentially the same offense--some version of a 1-3-1 hi-lo-- every game and, for the most part, our first-shot defense was terrific. Did anyone catch the issue? :'D

Rebounding was consistently an issue with my team. While I did put in my notes for next year to emphasize it more practice (which I don't feel as though I did a great job with this year) I've yet to find a great strategy to teach other than "be taller and jump higher" to grab more boards. I bought several videos great videos that dealt with the slides and adjustments to make vs different actions (except for stack action, which I find surprising), most of them were pretty brief, flippant, or just irreverent when it came to rebounding. Anyone have a strategy or technique they would care to divulge?

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Size and strength certainly help. And it is really common for rebounding issues with zone because coaches don't spend much time on it and most players just don't know who to box out unless you really practice it.

I know zone coaches (like Al Marshall) each year do a solid job on the boards. From what I remember, what he did was pretty simple. They just spent plenty of time working on it... there's a 100 ways to skin a cat. Just make sure you bodies on people boxing them out. And I think the biggest thing is just to have a plan, work on it, and spend lots of time emphasizing it. As you eluded to, a big part of coaching is what you emphasize.

Here are a couple links that might help give some ideas:

Jeff Haefner

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