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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 17:50 

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Hello guys , I haven't been on the site in a long while so hope everyone is doing well . My son Blake is now in middle school and is th point guard . He comes home frustrated from practice and I ask what's wrong and he say that coach keeps practicing him with the 2nd and 3rd string players and he Is the only starter that he does that way when they scrimmage in practice and wok thru plays . He says I get frustrated cause I don't have a lot of help .He has up to this point been the starting PG every game. Which none of this is the kids fault that are 2nd and 3rd string as I know they have to learn and may end up the best players of all some day . My question is why would coach always do this ? Is there a reason behind it ? I have wonder and told Blake maybe he is trying to make you a better point by having more pressure and responsibility or maybe he is trying to develop a back up for u . I would like some of ur alls thoughts and past experiences . I also told him in a one on one away from everyone just ask his coach something like hey coach can I ask u something . And say why do I always practice with the 2nd and 3rd string ? Just say I'm not fussing or complaining I'm just curious . What's ur alls thoughts ? I just don't like to see him coming home frustrated and losing that fire and confused to what's being done . I mean he is only 12 and 6th grade thanks

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 18:19 

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I don't think there's anything wrong with Blake asking the coach if everything's ok with his performance. Especially the way you suggested it to him. If Blake isn't complaining but just making sure he wasn't being "demoted" because of performance, I can't imagine the coach won't be straight up with him.

As to the reason, my guess is he's trying to even out the teams. I only have 8 players on my team and do it all the time, especially in drills or scrimmages. If your son is the only player he's doing that with, then there might be a different reason. Could be as simple as wanting to give the 2nd/3rd string guards an example or help.


PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 19:22 
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I remember Blake, How is his 3 pointer coming along? He was 10 the last time you posted??

I can think of a couple of reasons too..... 1 being that he is trying to develop a back up point guard? 2- maybe he wants him to be able to play the 2 guard later on? ? 3- trying to help develop some of the other players and he needs a strong guard to get the offense going? Pretty lame thoughts huh!! Except for the first one......

I would suggest that Blake go and talk to the coach and ask him if there is something he wants him to do that he isn't doing now ??? Hopefully that will open a line of communication that might be lacking now?? Knowing his previous work ethic I cant imagine that he is being a slacker.

Tell Blake I said helllo and not to worry too much about this situation... tell him to keep up his same work ethic, HAVE FUN and things will work out for him.... I think he is going to be a good player. JMO

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 20:39 

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Thanks coaches and thanks coach sar . I take it as a good thing when u remember a kid lol . His shot has come along well . so far thru 12 games he is shooting 10-22 from 3 pt land and 25-34 from FT line . His team is 9-3 and he is averaging somewhere near 10 ppg . In games Blake is basically the PG at most all of the time unless he is out of the game . I advised him as u guys agreed to just approach coach and ask the practice situation just so he understands what's being done instead of being frustrated . I will stay in contact throughout the yr as this is different for me now. Being a dad and fan is a totally dif view than coaching ur son . Lol I feel his pain and frustrations joy and all the emotions more as a dad and fan . It's fun though .

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2012, 07:16 
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Ok, thats sheds a different light on this..... As long as he is the starting PG in games most of the time.... I don't thnk he has anything to worry about. Maybe the coach is trying to make him work harder with the 2nd team? Making him a better player? Who knows....

That's a darn good shooting % from the arc..... I don't think that there is a pro that shoots better than that....... Tell him that I said he needs to work on his free throws LOL 73% is great for a 12 year old......acutually, pretty good for most players.

My best FT shooter shot in the 80s and in t he 4th quarter were like automatic. So I challenge him to shoot in the high 70s next year. :-) The pizza is on you! lol

Being a dad/fan instead of his coach is a whole new game huh!! You just want the best for your son as a person and a athlete..... Just remember that no one is perfect, not him or the coach. He will make mistakes or he isn't trying hard enough...... we just want them to be at a minimum... I understand that. If I were you, after the games, and they lost or he had a bad game, I wouldn't bring it up unless he does. I would just take him out for a piizza, ice cream or something just to lighten the mood. Be his best cheerleader (along with the team) and remind him that Bball ( like life ) is a journey, not a destination.

From what I saw with his workouts at 10, ( he has a great work ethic ) unless things change drastically, he will do just fine. At this age (12-13) kids start to think differently so be ready for that one. LOL I wish you both luck and a good season.

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2012, 23:04 

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To shed a little light on my post I was able to talk with Blake's coach just in a casual conversation and the practice method was brought up . Basically coach was trying to get Blake to step it up a bit and practice better . Said he sinced a little bit of lack of focus and effort in practice and just trying to push some buttons . He told me that he thought it got his attention and explained to Blake the importance of practing better and harder and not to cheat his self . Told him that he seen a lot of potential in him and that he was gonna be harder on him because he knows he is capable . We also had just standard small talk and i never approached him about basketball it just kind of came up . I explained to Blake coach just wants u to do ur best everyday and the importance in life of doing ur best no matter if it's sports , business , jobs , parenting , etc etc u still need to give full attention and effort and not take things for granted and as he gets older he would understand it more . Back to basketball lol Since the talk we have had 4 more games and nothing has really changed in playing time or Blake's responsibilities . He has still played majority of PG minutes . In these 4 games Blake has went for 15,9,17,9 pts and shot 7-10 FT and 3-6 3's .

PostPosted: 11 Dec 2012, 10:56 
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Thats what I said in my first reply -

Ok, thats sheds a different light on this..... As long as he is the starting PG in games most of the time.... I don't thnk he has anything to worry about. Maybe the coach is trying to make him work harder with the 2nd team? Making him a better player? Who knows...."

He is thinking the same way I am.... he has a ton of potential and he wants to get it out of him..... but, in the long run, its up to Blake. I was known for getting the best out of my players.... I was very anal and made them practice and play as hard as they could.

Here is a suggestion... why don't you sit down with Blake and ask him what his goals are for basketball and for life ---
Have him wirte them down... ( otherwise its just a wish ) Then have him write down how he is going to achieve those goals. I know that he is young but some times kids will surprise you.

I know of one kid (at 12 )told me that he wanted to be a pilot - he knows that he has to do well in Math and Science to help him achieve this and he is currently taking flying lessons. This year, at 13, he said his Plan B was to become an announcer of some kind..... I don't think that he knows how to go about it but I know a guy that announced for t he Cubs and the Wolves for several years. I will introduce him to that guy and they can talk a little, hopefully he will figure it out.

You might tell Blake that I remember him from those videos when he was 10 and I felt like he had a great work ethic.... tell him that I said to NOT let that get away from him. He should prove EVERY DAY in practice and games that he is the best player on the floor. That might not always be the case, but at least his effort will be.

Glad to hear that you feel better about this... how is Blake feeling about it?

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2013, 21:46 

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Coach Sar thought id give you a little update on Blake as I told you I would through out the yr . The last few games he has really stepped up and started being a leader . What is standing out is his patience and surveying the floor . His points have been down a bit but his assists way up . He has been taking care of ball better with less turnovers . I know he is conscious of his assist because he is tellin me after games about how many he had . I think he is trying to expand his game . The last game he had 6 pts 6 assist in first half with limited minutes in second half blow out . Tonight's game he had 4 pts 12 assists . I really like the fact he is trying to get teammates involved and is having fun getting assists . I always thought it was important to play for your teammates and not your self. He says his coach is really praising him on seeing the floor, running the team .

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2013, 13:04 
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Thats great that Blake is getting more assists ..... thats what the PG is supposed to be doing. But, when he sees his own shot, don't be afraid to take it.That will make him more difficult to guard.... will he pass, will he shoot etc. Hard to cover a good all around player.

How is his defense... remind him that he has to play both ends of the floor... PGs are usually the best defenders.

Tell Blake that I am going to keep track of how he is playing... no lazy practices or games! LOL I don't want him making me look bad.... as I remember, I told both of you that I thought that he could be an excellent player. :-)

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2013, 14:31 
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That's great.

You also have to be careful with statistics. You don't want kids chasing stats, because it can lead to detrimental play.

For example with assists, you can get players that just want to take it every time so they either get an assist or a bucket. This ends up leading to selfish play, lack of team chemistry, and usually more losses.

Here are things that I would focus on:
- Accurate Passes - are the passes where they need to be.
- Gretzky Assist - a pass that leads to an assist.
- Good shots - are these shots that you would expect from this player.
- FG% - are they making a high percentage of their passes.
- FT%
- Points per shot
- Hustle plays - diving for loose balls, taking charges, forcing turnovers, rebounds
- Box Out% - the percentage of times they box out their player on a shot.
- Defensive Get-Bys - how many times the player allows the defense to drive by them.
- Position Defense - how many times the player is out of position during the game.
- High fives - how many times the player congratulates teammates for good plays.

Joe Haefner

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