3 Wall Passing Drills To Improve Coordination, Ball
Handling, Strength, Catching and Passing

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Here are three wall passing drills from Bob Bigelow’s Coaching Middle School Basketball.

These are great drills to improve hand-eye coordination and athletic strength while developing passing, catching, and ball handling skills.

3 Wall Passing Drill Progressions:

Here are the three progressions in the video.

Progression 1: Overhead Wall Pass - 25 reps.

Progression 2: 1 Handling Alternating Wall Pass - 20 reps.

Progression 3: 1 Hand Wall Pass - 20 reps with each hand.

Coaching Tips:

As coach Bigelow said, you should work on...

  • Spreading your fingers - This will help you improve ball control as more of your hand covers the ball.

  • Snapping the wrist - This will help you quickly pass the ball.

  • Athletic stance - You want your feet shoulder width apart, hips back, and knees bent.

Additional Coaching Notes:

Additionally, you can use these passing drills as a warm up at the beginning of practice.

Ideally, you would do these drills in the hallway prior to practice to best utilize court time.

If there are no walls, you can also do the same thing with a partner.

More passing drills: 21 Basketball Passing Drills - For Coaches

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STU says:
11/9/2016 at 1:30:00 PM

Progression 1 is excellent because it gets post players in the habit of keeping their hands up when retrieving the ball, as in gathering a rebound ... and then putting the ball back up or initiating a pivot and an outlet pass.

Progression 3 is an excellent drill for establishing Shooting Form.


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