A Secret To Make Your Basketball Drills Better

This will improve your shooting, ball handling, finishing, passing, and decision-making. This concept also gives you an easy way to create hundreds of effective game-like drills. That way, your players stay motivated and engaged leading to a rapid improvement of your players' skills.

First, here's the backstory on how we potentially hid this secret for almost ten years. And the video below explains the concept in more detail...

In an email, Nate Sanderson revealed to me, an innovative idea that he hadn't seen before.

After he told me what it was, I was a little confused and surprised. Because we posted content about this exact same topic nearly 10 years ago when we created an online coaching video with Barry Adams. Barry Adams is a Hall of Fame high school coach from Oregon. But that wasn't the major reason why I was confused.

I was wondering in my head... How the heck didn't Nate see this in an article or video on our website. We had mentioned it many times throughout the years. It had been a staple of our practices and workouts since!

So I thought, "Alright. I got to check this out."

Yes. We had mentioned it. However, it was only briefly mentioned at the end of an article, in a video, or in the comments section.

And what really shocked me... we had never written an article or created a video that focused solely on this concept.

And if a guy as successful and as smart as Nate hadn't seen it, we figured we better share it with you.

Here's a brief video that explains everything.

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Coach R says:
8/21/2018 at 8:51:49 AM

I’m sorry but I can’t find the concept in any of the articles? Would hate to miss out on any nuggets of valuable information! Thanks for all you do for coaches, players and the great game of basketball!

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Jeff says:
8/22/2018 at 9:09:14 AM

Coach - Do you see the video on this page? Most of the info can be learned in the video. Maybe try refreshing the page.


Mark Laudadio66@gmail.com says:
8/21/2018 at 6:34:24 AM

What I like about this concept besides skill progression is that you can use it as part of your practice plan when you have teams with less than 10 guys . Creates meaning live action. Just what I needed.


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