5 Unique Form Shooting Drills - Jimmy Butler & Dirk Nowitzki Use These Drills Too!

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As you know, excessive upper torso twists and excessive fading during the shooting motion can damage your shooting percentage.

One of the keys to great shooting is...

The ability to transition to a stable, balanced position as quickly as possible! Your ability to reduce excessive twists and fading prior to shooting the ball results in a higher shooting percentage.

Coach Chris Oliver has a unique form shooting routine that is perfect for this. It improves your shooting through better balance and stability!

During practices and pre-game preparation, you will notice that players like Jimmy Butler and Dirk Nowitzki use many of the same drills.

Butler and Nowitzki are tremendously skilled at transitioning from unstable positions to a stable position at the end of their shooting motion. These drills are a big reason why!

These drills and exercises also improve your strength and power throughout your entire body or kinetic chain. This better strength, power, balance, and stability leads to... higher & quicker jumping, faster running, quicker changes of direction, better playing through contact, and so on!

These are just a few of the form shooting progressions that Coach Oliver uses. You can find 15 form shooting drills in his development videos on Basketball Decision Training.

Oliver's Basketball Decision Training approach is much more than the shooting drills above...

Here is an excerpt from the product page that goes into more detail:

    Basketball Decision Training (BDT) is a cutting-edge player development program that combines skills and mind training. Players practice in a game-like environment which improves their skill retention and transfers to confidence and better game performance.

    The DVDs (or online videos) cover critical skills including shooting, ball handling, footwork, and more. Coach Oliver shows how to apply these in both 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 situations.

    Zero-seconds training complements BDT. It teaches players how to quickly and decisively execute the offensive play with no pause on the catch. As soon as a player's feet hit the ground, they are immediately into their shot, pass, or drive.

    The unique, fun approach in these DVDs mixes various drills to challenge players' skills, adding layers to training so that they never practice in their comfort zone.

Go here to get access or learn more about the videos:

Basketball Decision Training with Chris Oliver

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I like this info, but would like more drills and practice ideas for 12 and under.

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