Lay Up & Footwork Basketball Drill, Anatomical
Confusion, and Shot Fake Tips

Here is a lay up and footwork drill from Bob Bigelow’s Coaching Middle School Basketball.

Bob also talks about anatomical confusion and shot fake tips.

For this drill, you start by spinning the ball to the wing.

Then you pivot, shot fake, and take one dribble to the basket for a lay up.

Coaching and Training Tips:

As coach Bigelow said, you should work on...

  • Realistic fakes & anatomical confusion - Your fakes should not be wild and unrealistic. He refers to this as anatomical confusion. Defenders will not bite on unrealistic fakes.

  • Shot fakes should look like your shot - If it doesn’t actually look like your shot, once again, defenders will not fall for the fake.

  • Shot fakes should go to shoulder - This allows you to be quick and get past the defender. If the fake goes above the shoulder, this will slow you down. A quicker defender will be able to adjust and recover to stop you.

  • Ball rips should be compact - When ripping the ball you want to be compact and quick with the movement. If you are not, this will slow you down and make it easier for the defender to steal the ball from you.

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RJamieson says:
11/14/2016 at 11:49:06 AM

I'm interested in the contrast between this notion of teaching a fake and Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter mentality.

In my observation fakes at the MS level in particular are terrible (not effective). I don't see much better among the HS players. I'm pretty new to the BB coaching scene (I have young boys that started playing last year).

I am attracted to teaching Kelbick's approach, because the shot is "real" unless the counter is used.


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