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Drill Purpose

This is a great transition drill that conditions your players and works on mental toughness. It also works on passing, dribbling, rebounding and shooting lay ups.


3-on-2 full court drill1 (9K)
  1. Players 2 & 3 start at the hashes by half court or halfway between the 3-point line and half court.

    Player 4 starts under the hoop.

    Player 5 starts under the opposite hoop.

    Player 1 starts on the baseline.

    Player 6 lines up behind Player 4.

    Player 7 lines up behind Player 5.

  2. The coach starts the drill by shooting the ball.

3-on-2 full court drill2 (9K)
  1. Player 4 grabs the rebound and passes the ball to Player 2. Player 4 follows his pass and replaces Player 2.

    On every shot, the rebounder should not allow the ball to touch the ground.

  2. As this happens, Player 1 sprints down the court.

  3. Player 2 dribbles to the 3-point line and comes to a jump stop. This should be in two to three dribbles depending on age and skill level.

  4. Player 2 passes the ball to a cutting Player 1 who finishes with a lay up.

    The cutting angle should go straight to the hoop. The player can begin the cut either at the free-throw line extended or slightly above.
3-on-2 full court drill3 (9K)
  1. As Player 1 shoots the lay up, Player 2 sprints and touches the baseline. Then, Player 2 turns and sprints down the court.

  2. Player 5 rebounds the lay up and outlets to Player 3. Player 5 replaces Player 3's spot.

  3. Player 3 dribbles to the 3-point line and jump stops. Then, Player 3 passes the ball to a cutting Player 2 for a lay up.
3-on-2 full court drill4 (9K)
  1. As Player 2 shoots the lay up, Player 3 sprints and touches the baseline. Then, Player 3 turns and sprints down the court.

  2. Player 6 rebounds the lay up and outlets to Player 4. Player 6 replaces Player 4's spot.

  3. Player 4 dribbles to the 3-point line and jump stops. Then, Player 4 passes the ball to a cutting Player 3 for the lay up.

  4. Continue the process over and over.
Points of Emphasis

Never let the ball touch the ground, except for when the player is dribbling the ball up the court.

  • The rebounder should never let the ball hit the ground.
  • Every pass should be an accurate pass.
  • Every pass should be caught.
  • Every pass should an air pass. No bounce passes.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - You can create a competition out of this. You can set a goal for a number of made baskets within a certain time limit. For example, you could set a goal of 30 baskets in 3 minutes.

Tip #2 - This drill usually works best with 7 or more players.

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jan janssens says:
10/28/2008 at 2:57:08 AM

I think it's better that 4 after pass to 2, 4 take place after 3. You must begin with a extra player behind 2 and 3 than.
But so they all will work right and left...


coac kmac says:
5/19/2008 at 2:39:22 AM

this is a new exciting drill!


Noel says:
5/9/2008 at 5:26:52 PM

A good variation on normal transition drills


junjun says:
5/8/2008 at 8:25:57 PM

thanks for this drill.... a very helpful drill especially to aspiring coaches...


Patsy Foolkes says:
5/8/2008 at 10:55:47 AM

I think this is a very interesting drill and will keep kids moving thanks


Marci says:
5/8/2008 at 10:06:48 AM

I have been looking for this drill forever! My high school coach had us run this drill and I have been racking my brain to remember it, thanks!


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