The 555 Shooting Drill --
Develops Rhythm, Range, and Footwork

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Here is a shooting drill that Coach Kelbick uses to start almost every workout with his players, especially with the NBA & professional players that he trained.

The tips provided will help you develop a quicker release and increase your shooting range.

Additionally, you develop rhythm and consistent footwork... two vital components to being an elite shooter.

And you get a ton of repetitions in a short amount of time.

"Parents ask me... What's the key to getting my son to shoot like yours? Repetition." - Steph Curry's father Dell Curry.

Take 5 shots with left-right footwork to right side of chair.

Take 5 shots with right-left footwork to left side of chair.

Alternate 5 shots between both footwork.

If you believe in the hop or any other hybrid, you can use that instead.

Nice and smooth.

You'll notice that Don says nice and smooth because being a great shooter is about having consistency and rhythm on every shot.

It also creates a fluidity in your shot motion which eliminates hitches. This also makes it easier to shoot with greater accuracy and shooting range.

Close to the chair as possible.

Don also says "Step as close to the chair as possible." The purpose is to train your body to step in a straight line to the basket on every shot. This develops more rhythm and consistency and improves shooting range.

You improve your shooting range because you create momentum and positive energy towards the basket as you shoot.

Feet set on pass.

Another coaching cue could be to "feet set on pass." This basically means have your feet set and positioned as you receive the pass. This allows you to shoot immediately when you catch the pass.

This will make your shot quicker and make it really difficult for the defense to guard you.

Check out Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter Skill Development System to learn more about how he develops players.

It's a really unique system that develops offensive aggressiveness, confidence, ball handling, shooting, footwork, and more.

Also, you'll see some of Don's teaching techniques that accelerate skill development.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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Mary says:
9/24/2016 at 8:29:57 PM

will use this drill next season 5th and 6th grade girls


keith says:
9/14/2016 at 8:06:12 AM

I like the footwork, are you teaching heal toe as opposed to hop step


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