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Gary Maitland sent us this great drill with him instructing in the video.

This drill not only improves your passing, finishing, and rebounding out of the fast break; it also greatly improves your conditioning.

3 players form a line and tap the ball against the backboard.

After the tap, 1 sprints to the left and gets wide. 2 sprints around the marker.

Once 3 reaches the ball, they rebound the ball, turn and outlet to 2.

2 passes to 1 for the lay up.

1 and 2 cross.

3 sprints the floor and gets the rebound before the ball touches the floor.

3 outlets the ball and the players execute the drill down to the opposite side of the floor.

You can pick the number of trips down the floor before rotating to the next group. For less experienced teams, you might do 3 or 4 trips before rotating. For advanced teams, you might do 6 to 10 trips down the floor.

You can also challenge your players by having them complete a certain number of made baskets in row. In the video, Coach Maitland introduces the challenge of making 6 in a row without the ball touching the floor.

After each round, you can have the players rotate to a different spot.

Coach Maitland is the Basketball Academy Director at Harrow High School in London, England. Find more about Coach Maitland below.


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Spotlight Matt says:
8/20/2013 at 12:09:23 AM

I run a similar drill but to help with conditioning, the 3 man runs to the opposite corner to where they have made the outlet, then on the way back they will finish with the layup, player who receives the outlet pass and kicks ahead will rebound the ball after the shot while the shooter will touch the baseline after there shot and then receive the outlet pass. Going up and back 3 times so they go in each spot 2 times.


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