Improve Decision Making On The Fast Break With
The 2 on 1 Chaser Drill

This is a great drill to practice ball handling, shooting, finishing, passing, and decision-making in fast break situations. This drill is being conducted by Jim Huber in our Breakthrough Ball Handling and Finishing Camp.

This game-like situation encourages quick decisions to shoot or pass in order to maintain your advantage on the fast break. If you don’t make a quick decision, the defense will catch up and you will lose your advantage.

You will also improve your first step speed, reaction time, and agility.


In this variation of the drill...

  1. Two offense players go around the outside cones. One offensive player starts with the ball.

  2. Two defensive players go around the staggered cones in the middle of the court.

  3. The drill can start when the coach says “go”. You can also have the drill start when the offensive player with the ball starts.

You can also mix up the distance and location of the cones for the offense and the defense. This will force the defense and the offense to practice different fast break situations.

By doing this in the half court, you can also get more players and get more repetitions involved at more baskets.

As a player, you can also practice this drill with some friends. You can play a quick game to 3. Then move the cones to different locations and switch up the teams.

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