Do You Trap On Defense? You Better Teach This

Keith Haske discusses critical elements of executing your full court pressure system when trapping the basketball.

Watch the video below.

In the first part of the video, Coach Haske discusses the importance of sprinting out of a trap after it is passed.

It is natural to passively turn after the ball has been passed.

Instead, players need to turn, sprint, and recover as quickly as possible. You want to minimize the amount of time that the offense is at an advantage.

Also, you can get some steals by sprinting to recover.

So you constantly need to drill and emphasize sprinting out of your traps on defense until this becomes a habit.

I also let the video clip run a bit longer as Coach Haske discusses some important fundamentals about trapping the offensive player. You also get to see a 2 on 2 full court drill that Coach Haske uses in developing his full court pressure defense.

Feet-To-Feet - Defenders should meet feet-to-feet to execute the trap. This prevents the offense from splitting the trap.

Outside Defender Keeps Offense In Middle - This forces the ball handler to stay in the trap.

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