Important Tip To Ramp Up Defensive
Pressure And Increase Tempo

Here is a really important tip that will help you ramp up defensive pressure and increase tempo.

This will result in more forced turnovers and easy baskets for your team.

"Closing The Gap" and 5 State Championship Game Appearances By One Coach

As Coach Haske explained in the video, you want to close the gap between the defender and the ball.

As a result, the ball may get by you more often. And that's okay based on the functionality of the press.

This might sound counter-intuitive to everything you believe on defense. It did for me!

However, the results speak for itself.

Keith Haske coaches high school basketball in Michigan where it's very difficult to make it to the state tournament. In Coach Haske's division, there are 200+ teams!

With all things being equal, you'd make it to a state championship game in Michigan once every 100 years!

And Coach Haske has made it to the state championship game 5 different times in 30 years... once every 6 years!

He's also done it with both boys and girls teams. He's done it at different schools.

So you know there is something to this pressure system.

Let me tell you about a personal story and how this unorthodox tip works...

How This Counter-Intuitive Tip Led One Program To Its First State Tournament Since 1922!

Even with these remarkable feats by Coach Haske, I was very fortunate to see this defensive principle work in action.

My high school coach Kevin Barnes used the system with his program the last two years at Anamosa High School in Iowa.

And this pressure system helped Anamosa reach the state tournament for the first time since 1922!

And since my dad Dennis was the assistant, I got to hear all of the details on why this worked.

As Coach Haske mentioned, this tip will increase the pace... even to a hectic pace. This can help you wear down teams and outscore them in the second half.

The pace is also very uncomfortable for your opponents. Practically nobody is accustomed to playing this fast.

As a result, you force sloppy turnovers.

But there was something else I didn't expect to see...

Something I Didn't Expect To See

When I was watching the Anamosa state tournament games online, there were Division 1 recruits and All-State players missing lay ups and 5 foot shots... even open ones.

Why? The speed of play causes your opponents to miss easy baskets! They aren't used to taking shots at this speed.

And when they miss, you grab the rebound and you quickly transition into a fast break advantage situation for your team.

You Might Get Beat But...

So you might get beat by the dribble. You might give up the middle of the floor. You might give up some open shots including lay ups.

However, the ball pressure and the tempo can tilt the game in your favor. You can get more easy baskets via turnover and you wear down your opponent mentally and physically.

Don't get me wrong, the press isn't going to perform a miracle for you if you have a poor group of athletes. But in the right situation, it can help you win more games and even make a historic postseason run.

If you want to learn more, check out Coach Haske's Pressure Defense, Pressure Offense System.

As always, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. No hassle. No reasons needed. That way, you can watch and study the system risk-free. You only keep it if it works for you.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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