4 Strategies For Defending A Dominant Post Player

In the Man To Man Defense Video, Coach Jim Huber talks about four defensive adjustments that he’s used when playing against a dominant post player.

Perimeter Players Dig

With a pass into the post, the closest perimeter defenders immediately “dig” down on the ball to try to force the ball back out of the post.

This “dig” is a dart down of the defender when the ball goes into the post. With both defenders darting in and digging, looking to pop the ball out, the post player is very likely to kick the ball back out.

We want to pop the ball up if the post player is putting it out there, or we want to get a trace deflection as they kick it out.

Double Down - Weakside Defender

You can have the weakside defender rotate over to double the post player.

The defenders on the ball will come out with their hands high. This forces the post player to put arc on the pass to give players defensive time to rotate.

Double Down - Perimeter Defender

A perimeter defender on the side of the post player will double down to trap the post player.

Aggressive Ball Pressure

A preventative tactic is to use aggressive ball pressure to make it difficult to pass the ball into the post.

We also try to force the ball out as high as we can and make it a long pass that we can anticipate and break up.


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