This Improves Effort, Offensive Rebounding, Transition Offense, & Transition Defense

If you want a relatively simple way to get your players to play hard all season long and dominate the offensive boards...

Then listen to 4x Illinois Coach of the Year Rob Brost explain why he "charts effort, not outcomes"... and examples of how to track it!

That's right...

Instead of focusing on points, rebounds, assists, etc... Coach Brost charts "effort."

On top of that... he'll often distribute playing-time according to how many "effort points" players earn.

Why does he do this?

Because by instilling the habits of hard work and high intensity early in the year... he's been able to get his players to give maximum effort throughout the year...

And by charting and improving effort, this leads to better transition offense, transition defense, and rebounding!

So, what exactly does he chart?

Two things...

1) Whether a player beats their man (or the man guarding them) past half-court in transition... a concept he calls "win your race."

He sets goals for players to win a certain percentage of races.

2) Does the 3, 4, and 5 go for an offensive rebound on every play... if yes, they'll get a "+"... if no, they'll get a "-"

This video clip is from Rob Brost's Playing Offense At An Uncomfortable Pace.


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Dan Smith says:
11/25/2023 at 4:31:25 PM

Nice strategy and tactic, good way to get your player to go hard most of the time, 90% or above is a great percentage!


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