Average Youth Team Transforms Into High School Powerhouse! Here's How

Picture this: coaching veteran Mark Brase (our current Product Development Director), leading a team of young, inexperienced players nearly 15 years ago.

Talent-wise, they were far from a powerhouse, and early results on the court showed it.

They were just a middle of the pack youth team that won about half of their games. At times, they even got blasted by a wide margin against the local "elite teams."

But Coach Brase wasn't concerned.


Because with his extensive coaching experience at the high school and college level (25+ years)...

He understood the essence of youth coaching as a long-term investment.

He knew it wasn't about winning at all costs by taking shortcuts like playing zone defenses or relying solely on the best player with isos and ball screens.

It was about building the foundations for these young athletes, teaching them skills that would develop over time.

Patience was the name of the game.

8 Years Later - Classic David Versus Goliath! Facing Off Against 6'10 and 7'0 Giants In State Tournament

Fast forward about eight years later, and that same group of players, now more experienced and talented, found themselves competing in the State tournament finals BACK-to-BACK years!

In one game, their opponent was a Goliath on paper.

They were the #1 ranked team in the state with multiple D-1 players and two towering players at 6'10" and 7'0"!

And Coach Brase's team had only 6'2" players to match up against them!

On paper, they stood no chance!

However, Coach Brase's team fought, scrapped, and played as a team while executing High IQ plays continuously throughout the game.

The game came down to a shot at the buzzer for Brase's team... that unfortunately didn't go in.

But guess what? Their opponent cruised on to the state championship title.

So how did an average youth team turn into one of the best teams in the state that could play with anybody?

Because they were fundamentally sound, well-coached, and had developed a strong culture and attitude over the long haul.

So what's the lesson here?

Success in youth coaching isn't about instant results and winning youth tournament trophies; it's about creating a path that leads to long-term development, both on and off the court.

Long term development > Winning at youth level.

And that's precisely where Coach Huber's Youth Coaching System comes into play.

This program offers a structured and progressive approach that evolves with your athletes over the next 3-6 years. It provides layers of learning tailored to your players' age and skill level.

Plus, Mark Brase worked directly with Coach Huber to develop the practice plans you'll find in the Youth Coaching System (for ages 8 to 14)...

So you're essentially learning from not one but TWO highly successful basketball coaches!


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