How To Keep Players Focused On Every Repetition

In a previous article, we showed you how to combine skill development and decision making without having defenders in Chris Oliver’s Basketball Decision Training System.

And there is another huge bonus to training this way that will rapidly improve your skill development workouts with your players!

But first, here’s a quick review of the drill mentioned in case you didn’t read it. That way, you understand why this is a big deal.

One of the beginning progressions of Chris Oliver’s BDT System is this.

A passer is under the basket. This can be a coach, trainer, parent, sibling, or even another player.

A shooter is on the perimeter.

Once the ball is passed, the passer does one of two things, they put their hands out or hands down.

Hands down means to shoot.

Hands out means to pass.

So now the player isn’t mindlessly going through the drills. Just like a game, they don't know what they’re doing prior to each repetition. They’re training their mind to make a decision quickly while combining skill development!

After that, there are progressions that include driving, dribble moves, passing and relocating, reactions to dribble penetration, ball screens, and more!

Now think about the engagement and focus on every repetition!

On every single repetition, they have to be alert and focused. If they aren’t focused, they screw up in the drill. And one focused, engaged rep is way better than ten mindless reps!

So now you have guaranteed a deliberate practice element with your skill sessions.

And you don’t even have to yell at your players to stay focused. The drill is self correcting!

And players love practicing this way!

You can ask any player who uses this system. They look forward to these drills. Players enjoy the element of surprise on each repetition. They also like that you can progress to more challenging variations quickly and easily.

The players I trained always asked for more.

I think you’d agree that when you can combine hard work with fun, you’re going to have a lot more players motivated to get better. That’s 90% of the battle!

Denver Nuggets assistant coach Charles Klask said this…

“I have already incorporated so many of the BDT teachings into my skill development work. Talk about ‘athlete satisfaction’, each one of the players I implemented the BDT concepts with loved the drills. They are engaged and focused throughout the work. They also feel a sense of accomplishment through a very limited number of shots so the work can be very efficient.”

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Tom Crean said this…

“Chris Oliver has an impressive and insightful way to see the game and the only thing better than his ability to see it is his ability to teach it to others. He’s increasing his reach to others all the time and we are all better for it. He’s taking a players proactive approach to another level.”

To learn more and gain instant access, go to the following page:

Chris Oliver's Basketball Decision Training and Zero Seconds Skills Training

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