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Announcing July 21-23, 2017
Breakthrough Basketball Elite Guard Next Level Camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota!
Elite Skills Coach Jim Huber!

This is a 3-day Elite Guard Next Level basketball camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota will develop you into the leader on and off the floor who stands out and is an extension of the head coach.  

Your Basketball and Life Skills IQ’s will increase which will give you a greater chance to succeed.  The skills and information taught in this camp are beneficial for an elite guard as well as players of any position who wants to be an effective leader and an All-State type of player.   

Our Breakthrough Staff has trained some of the best players in the world that have gone on to become Olympic Gold Medalists, NBA All-Stars, WNBA All-Stars, Elite College Players (Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky – to name a few), and Numerous Player of the Year Awards at the high school level.

Here are a few things that you will learn at the camp:


  • The dribble pull up game that Russell Westbrook implements to develop quick release in mid-range game
  • Three things you can do to get your shot off against bigger more athletic defenders
  • A routine that Steph Curry, Kyle Korver and Klay Thompson follow every day to make their shot consistent and repeatable

Ball Handling techniques used by Steph Curry, Chris Paul, and Tony Parker

  • Understanding a simple off hand technique used by NBA players to protect the ball and create separation
  • Develop a skill of using a cut off dribble like Chris Paul to protect the ball, draw a foul and get to the free throw line
  • Learn how to use the probe technique that Steph Curry and Tony Parker have used to attack the rim or create shots for teammates.

  • Attacking full-court pressure and double-teams with poise and composure 

Speed Agility – Strength Conditioning- Pre-Practice and Pre-Game Routines

  • As an Elite Guard you need to be the toughest player on the court mentally and physically, whether that is getting a stop, a rebound or scoring the winning basket. 
  • Exercises will be given to develop your core strength, hand strength, upper body strength and your explosiveness
  • Create a routine that will get you ready when you walk in the gym for a practice, workout or game.  The best players have a routine and stick to it. 

  • Learn how to prepare and train at a high level, prepare and execute a workout

Getting Open /Cutting / Screening

  • Understand how to move without the basketball, playing with proper spacing and timing
  • Learn how to use your inside hand like Kobe Bryant to get open on cuts without getting called for a foul
  • Implement a Stop Cut into your game that will assist you in getting open against a quicker opponent

  • A deceptive technique will be taught that can create a couple of easy baskets during the game


  • A simple technique that will save a ½ second to get your teammate an open shot on a penetrate and pitch
  • Using a one hand pass to be quicker delivering a pass to an open teammate
  • Effectively being able to make passes into the post that lead to a scoring opportunities
  • Learn ways to use your feet to create better passing angles


  • An Elite Guard needs to be crafty around the rim especially against bigger defenders.  Learn how to attack their weakness put them in foul trouble and get to the foul line
  • Learn a deceptive move that can be added into a reverse layup that will help create extra separation from a great shot blocker
  • You will be taught a move that will take away the defender’s momentum in transition to create space to finish at the rim
  • Add an extra technique to the Euro Step getting the defender moving in two directions which will make it impossible to stop you
  • Develop body control while attacking the basket, stopping on a dime and finishing through contact

Ball Screen Attack

  • Learn how Damian Lillard attacks the different ways defense plays ball screens to get to the rim, shoot a pull up and shoot behind the screen
  • Create a mindset how to make the defense help the helper off ball screens that will create scoring opportunities for teammates.
  • Develop a skill set to pass to 3 or 4 coverages you would see in a game situation  
  • How to make plays for yourself attacking a flat ball screen and beating the second defender


  • How to use active hands like Kawhi Leonard in getting deflections and steals that will lead to a couple easy baskets each game
  • An effective strategy to slow down the opposing teams offensive transition that will prevent them from scoring easy baskets
  • 3 tips that Jimmy Butler uses to help him not get screened during a game
    • How to apply ball pressure that takes the opposing team out of their rhythm without fouling

    Life Skills

    • Learn how to lead yourself.  If you can lead yourself then you can lead your teammates on and off the basketball court
    • You will be able to develop a powerful state management that all the great players possess
    • Understanding the characteristic that are important to set you up for a successful life
    • How to become stronger bouncing back from adversity and setbacks
    • Tips to make sure you and your teammates are better in practices and games
    • Techniques how to get your teammates to work together and harder throughout the season
    • How a few simple strategies with referees will get a few calls to go your way
    • Develop communication skills that can be infectious in making your team a great communicating team

    Video Breakdown Analysis of Elite Players

    You will get to see video breakdown analysis of some of the best basketball players in the world. You will see how they execute certain skills and make decisions on the basketball floor, so you apply it to your practice sessions to elevate to an even higher level of play.

    Camp Video

    Who can attend?

    The camp is for male and female players in high school and college only!

    This is not limited to guards. If you're a wing player or a post player who is serious about elevating your game to the next level, this camp would be great for you as well.

    This camp is NOT for beginners. This is for intermediate to advanced players looking to be placed in a high-intensity environment with competitive drills. 

    This is for players who already possess some good dribble moves and are looking to take their game to the next level.  Unlike our Elite Guard Level 1 camps, this camp is for high school and college only players.  

    Coaches that want to learn and pick up new drills can also observe for a fee (coaches can find more info below).

    Lead Instructor - Jim Huber

    Jim Huber

    Jim Huber has developed and coached some of the best players in the world including current NBA players and elite players that attended some of the best college programs in the nation such as Duke and Kentucky.

    Some of Coach Jim Huber's coaching credentials include:

    • Over 20 years of basketball coaching experience at the youth, high school, and college levels.

    • Coached a team to a 1st place finish at the 2013 Nike Global Challenge.

    • Coached at the Nike Elite 100 Camp which selects the top 100 high school players.

    • #1 Team Defense at 2013 Nike EYBL which has the top 40 Nike High School teams from North America and consists of 18 regular season games. Qualified for 2013 Nike Peach Jam.

    • A head coach for Mokan Basketball. Mokan is a direct Nike sponsor program. In 2012 when Coach Huber was Director of Basketball Operations, Mokan reached the Final Four at the Peach Jam, which only selects the top 24 teams from the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL).

    • 45 Championships, 13 Runner-up Finishes, and 26 Final Four Finishes at regional and national tournaments since 2004.

    • 42 Collegiate players and 22 at Division 1 level.

    Camp Details


    Friday July 21, 2017 -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    Saturday July 22 2017 -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    Sunday July 23, 2017 -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    Limited Availability

    Each session is limited to 55 players to ensure a high number of repetitions and improvement

    The camp is SOLD OUT!


    The Maple Grove Community Gyms at Maple Grove Junior High School
    7000 Hemlock Lane North
    Maple Grove, MN 55369

    Travel and Accommodation Options

    Camp attendees can get a 10-15% discount by using this link and booking any hotel owned by the Wyndham Hotel Group (Days Inn, Ramada, Baymont, Microtel, Super 8, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Knights Inn and Wingate). Find a nearby Wyndham hotel and get the Breakthrough Basketball discount.

    Find other hotels nearby



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