Value Point System (VPS) Success Stories

Hundreds of coaches have used the Value Point System successfully and experienced incredible results.

Here are just a few of those success stories to show you that ANYONE can use it and it WORKS!

If you haven't used the system yet, hopefully these stories will inspire you to get started...

"We just started using the Value Point System a few weeks ago, and the results have been very impressive. We met with the team to go over the system and as they have begun to understand how all the stats feed into their score, they are starting to work on their own to improve elements of performance that were quite ignored prior to implementing VPS. Amazing!!

Accurate passing, fighting for rebounds, court vision to spot the open teammate for an assist, patience in working for a good shot, improved footwork to cut down on travel calls, sprinting for defensive position to take a charge - these are just some of the areas we've been preaching about over the last few years that our players are starting to pay more attention to as they realize how these feed into their VPS score.

In highlighting VPS scores after each game rather than traditional stats, we can direct attention to each player's game as a whole, rather than just how many points he had. Players are thus motivated to examine at all aspects of their game, rather than the usual tendency to only consider what they add to the team via scoring.

The team scores have been instrumental in giving us an accurate picture of the quality of each game. Areas where we need improvement are clearly seen, and we all have a much better understanding of how well we played as a team, no matter what the scoreboard shows at the end of a game. VPS has helped us refocus our primary attention on teamwork, execution and the pursuit of excellence rather than just wins or losses.

An added benefit is how the system draws in the bench players and gives them an avenue to evaluate their limited time in games. When they understand how they can have a high VPS score by taking care of the ball and working hard on defense - in other words, do no harm and give us solid minutes - they are becoming more confident that they too are solid, valuable contributors to our team performance. Our #12 guy can now actually compare his performance with our starters.

I love this system. The Excel spreadsheet was a valuable addition; it saved me much time with a calculator. Thanks, Breakthrough Basketball, and keep up the good work!! God Bless"

- Cindy Maxwell
Asst Coach Aaron Academy Men's Basketball

"I have implemented the VPS. I utilized it last year for our 7th grade boys team and was very happy with it, though it pointed out the obvious in that in order for this to be truly effective, accurate stats are crucial. Since I did not have a dedicated resource for this (I had parents doing this) the stats were not accurate. In other words, things were missed, most notably assists and whatever occurred when the person taking the stats looked down to record something and something worthy of stat occurred, like a steal, rebound, etc etc.

That said, the VPS proved to drive home a very crucial point to my 7th graders - there is more to being a valuable asset to your team than just scoring points and perhaps even more importantly, just because you score a fair amount of points, the negative things you do (like turnovers) can trump the number of points scored. A good example of that is one young man on our team. He is a 1/2 and typically scores about 30% of our points and has been doing that since 5th grade. Everyone (parents, teammates) sees those points and concludes that he is the "best player" on the team. However, he has twice the number of turnovers than anyone on the team and he isnt our only 1/2.

Prior to using the VPS, I knew that he wasn't "the best player" but only had anecdotal evidence. The first time we shared the VPS numbers with the kids, we asked them first who they thought would have the highest rating on the team before we shared the numbers with them. Most of them chose this boy or others that merely score points. They were shocked to learn who had the highest number, and that really opened their eyes.

So, while we don't have 100% accurate stats, the things that are missed affect all the boys pretty equally in my opinion and the message that needed to be delivered, was. The good things you do on the court are trumped by the bad things you do. So while you may score 10 points, the 8 turnovers you had led to 14 points for a net effect of -4 points. Likewise, if you only score 2 points but have 3 steals, 6 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and an occasional charge, you end up being more valuable than the kid that scored the 10 points."

- Michael Gardipee - Grafton, Wisconsin

"The Danny Miles system helped us win a league championship and has now been adopted into the Lake Nona Basketball Academy system. The spread sheet made it easy to use. The players, coaches and parents response has been very positive. It's made my job easier and more productive as a coach.

As a coach and trainer I am always looking for tools that can help players develop their individual and team skills. I have used stats in the past with limited success. Using the Danny Miles VPS program has brought the stats to life, giving us clear direction on what a championship team should look like . The other coaches didn't like doing stats until they saw, when combined with the Danny Mile VPS program, how much it motivates the players to evaluate themselves, set goals for their own progress and empower the coaches ability to bring the team to a new level.

What we are discovering with this program is that the numbers don't lie. It gives the coaches credibility with players and parents regarding decisions made during tryouts, training procedures and at game time. For parents it's like a report card from school which shows the progress the players are making. The players become self motivated and see that they can do much more to contribute to the team than just scoring points.

Taking the extra step of adding the VPS program has been well worth the effort and has brought our basketball program up to a new level. Our team started the season with a 0.73 value point score and ended with a 1.50 + VPS, along with winning our league championship. I'm convinced the Danny Miles VPS Program will create positive benefits for anyone involved in a youth, high school or college basketball program."

- Steven Acosta - Director/Coach, Trainer
Lake Nona Basketball Academy, Orlando, Fl

"I assisted with a freshmen basketball team in Holt, MI. We used Danny Miles point system during this season. It was a huge help in determining which skills our team needed to improve. We had several very competitive players who focused on points and rebounds prior to the implementation of the points system. After explaining the formula, players began to focus on assists, quality shots, and aggressive defense. The point system is something that I will continue to use."

- Daniel Wizner DeWitt, Michigan

"King's Way Christian High School is a new school of about 120 students. We have just wrapped up our 4th year. We introduced Danny Miles VPS mid-season at the beginning of January this year. It was eye-opening! It took what many of us intuitively saw and added objective facts / stats to our conversations.

We met with the players and laid out how the system worked. Perhaps more importantly, we met with the parents and educated them on the system. We had 4 parent volunteers (who had players on the team) keep the stats. Our kids who fancied themselves 3-point jackers began taking better shots. Players began setting rebounding goals. Our turnovers went from an early season high of 38 in a game to 2 games of 8 and 11 turnovers.

I had players running over after the game asking how many rebounds did I get? How many turnovers did I have? Quite refreshing instead of how many points did I get?

We used the VPS to analyze our substitution rotation. We could demonstrate that with certain rotations we had a .78 team on the floor and could raise that to a mid to high .90's rotation on the floor.

We found that even our lowest VPS player would occasionally have a very good VPS score by concentrating on getting a couple of rebounds, taking only layups and making only sure passes! That was a huge boost to the kid's confidence and brought support from his teammates.

While we kept the VPS per game and the accumulative VPS, we introduced a "last 2 games VPS" so the players could see their most recent improvement or decline trends and address their personal and team goals.

I would highly recommend the VPS system as a tool for helping coaches, players and parents appreciate what it takes to build a successful team.

Oh yea, we also made it through district playoffs and went to state for our first time this year! Now the kids have had the taste, I believe we will be even better next year!

Thank you for making this available!"

- Ralph Willson, King's Way Christian HS (parent, scout, basketball volunteer)

"I implemented the Value Point System with my team. It turned out to be very useful for me. I used it to compare how I thought kids were doing (which can be biased of course) with how they contributed as rated by VPS.

I don't know that the VPS helped the team as much as it helped me. I coached a 4th grade select team, and the program advocates equal playing time for all 4th graders, so I did not use the VPS results as a discriminator for playing time. Also, since they are so young I decided not to share the results with the kids, or even tell them that I was rating their performance. This coming season I'm coaching 6th graders and plan to use VPS again. At 6th grade level they are a little older and playing time starts to be determined more by effort at practice, attitude, and performance in games so I may share some of the information with the kids in hopes of motivating them and showing improvement over season.

Keep up the good work with the web site."

- Patrick Bindl Papillion, Nebraska

"I coach an AAU Girls U-13 team. This year I did use the Value Point System some. I have already discussed using it fully next year with my coaches. I plan to introduce the system to my parents and players. I had a statistician take down the numbers and I later put them into the spreadsheet. This allowed me to have a rotation of players with almost equal amount of skills and Value Points. Player time is always an issue. It seems I'm always having to explain to parents my lineups and such. By using the value point system fully next year I hope this explanation sessions will end. The numbers don't lie."

- Leon McCray - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

" I have used the Value Points system with a representative team and an U18 Girls team.

It helps emphasize team values and ball control so that the top scorer is not seen as always the best player but rather a contributor who might have improved with less in-effective shots or turnovers.

The bench players also score well if they play with poise and commitment. Thanks for the spread sheet, i made up one myself based on the formula."

- David Axford - Warragul, Australia

"The VPS worked great in creating a team atmosphere. I will implement it at the start this year and hope to see even greater success."

- Thomas Fair Greenville, South Carolina

"I started using the value point system in the middle of the season and was surprised to see the results, it was also fun just doing stats for the kids since they don't really do stats for kids over here in Germany. I definitely want to use it next season, so that I can tell the kids in what area they still need to improve. The kids loved it because they could see that not just scoring points is important."

- Tanya

"I have instituted Coach Miles' VPS. My players love it, it has created a competitive spirit among our guys, and it has been an excellent evaluation tool."

Burnie Clutz - Hagerstown, Maryland
Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach Broadfording Christian Academy

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Jeff says:
2/13/2015 at 12:53:17 PM

I think everyone has that problem. There are several ways to solve it. The solution you choose depends on the age of the players and your preference.

Option 1 - Give a score of "NA" or leave it blank, unless there are at least X positive stats and X negative stats for the player. If it's just one game, I might require at least 5 positive stats and 2 negative. All our players know that this score varies quite a bit from game to game. If it's a multi-game or season long score, I might require at least 10 positive stats and 10 negative stats to register a score.

Option 2 - Give a score of "NA" or leave it blank, unless there are at least X minutes of playing time recorded. For a single game I might require at least 8 minutes of time. For multiple games, I might require at least 50 minutes.

Option 3 - Do nothing. I just show the scores regardless and the VPS scores have still given us a huge benefit. All the players understand that if you only play a few minutes and get a high score, it doesn't mean anything.

As Coach Miles pointed out in the DVD, you need to get about 5 games or 50 plus minutes registered before the rating becomes statistically significant.


Coach Williams says:
2/13/2015 at 11:01:45 AM

So I have purchased the VPS packet from breakthrough. We love the idea for the program. We are just stuck on one point. How does the system take into effect players that are in at the end of the game. I understand that there should not be garbage time, but I don't think that the system is totally fair in this respect. we have one player that has a VPS score of 1.88 but has only shot 7 shots all season. He is not a strong bball player, and therefore the last few minutes of the game. Often he does not do much besides getting into a game and taking a shot, so he has hit 4 out of 7 shots, and has a higher vps then the one player we have on our team that is going to all-stars with a 1.07? There is no way to factor in the ability to run plays or play good defense if the player does not contribute to that on the floor. No action does not hurt your VPS score. Does anyone else have this issue?


Joe Haefner says:
11/2/2010 at 10:57:30 AM

Bob, that would work. Also, it's a good idea to keep a season total and also how they've done over the last 3 games, 5 games, etc.


Bob Morrison says:
11/1/2010 at 6:34:53 PM

With the VPS formula, if a player gets a few minutes court time at the end of a game and scores a few points, he gets no VPS value unless he commits a negative action (Foul, Turnover etc) as there is no denominator number. Should I add a '1' to the denominator so that there will always be a VPS value?


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