WEIRD Basketball Drill For Explosive Dribble Moves: Tennis Ball Drops

As stated in the video, this unique drill improves your ability to explode out of dribble moves. It also improves your hand-eye coordination and finishing.

This drill forces you to get into that ideal position for exploding forward... your back leg extended, hips and shoulders dropped, and nose over the toes.

Additionally, you stay low on your first few steps as you run to catch the tennis ball.

Set Up:

A person stands with the tennis ball 12 to 15 feet from the basket. A chair is placed about 25 feet from the basket. A ball handler starts near half court or a few steps behind the chair.

You can vary the distance if needed based on age level and skill level.


The ball handler makes a dribble move at the chair.

The person drops the tennis ball.

The ball handler dribbles forward and tries to catch the tennis ball after one bounce.

After the ball handler catches the tennis ball, they proceed forward and shoot a lay up.

Drill Tips:

  • Stretch & Test Limits - It's okay to test the ball handler's limits. You can make them stretch and get uncomfortable. It's okay if you give them a few reps where it's beyond their reach.

  • Takes A Few Reps To Figure Out Timing - For the tennis ball dropper, it can take a few reps to figure out the proper timing.

  • Vary Distance and Starting Location - You can also vary the distance and the starting location of the drills. That way, you practice your moves from different positions on the court. This is likely to happen during a game.

  • Practice Your Different Dribble Moves - Vary your dribble moves, so you can practice exploding forward out of each one. Your body position could be slightly different on each move, so it's best to practice each one.

  • Remove Shooting For Younger Players - Younger players may struggle with shooting the lay up after catching the tennis ball. If that's the case, do the drill without shooting.

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Jeffery Givan says:
4/19/2018 at 11:42:17 AM

I love this drills, it forces the athletes to take big steps to get pass the defender an a focused finish


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