Shooting Drill To Develop Higher Arc

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Jon says:
2/21/2019 at 12:11:45 PM

Interesting video but do you have any suggestions to help shooters who get too much arc on their shot?


Reagan Iovino says:
7/18/2018 at 9:19:58 AM

Wally Szczerbiak calls his version free throw golf. It help him concentrate while practicing free throws, instead of just making free throws. You can play 9 or 18 holes. Swish from the foul line( -1) Make hitting the rim. (Even) Miss (plus 1) Lowest score wins. Have been playing this since he mentioned it. I thought Wally deserves some credit, he talked about it during a Knick telecast.

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Joe Haefner says:
7/19/2018 at 8:54:16 AM

Thanks for sharing, Reagan! That's a fun drill as well. No offense to Wally, but it's been around for a long time, probably before he was born. A lot of stuff has.

Here is a link to it on our website:


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