A Unique Way That Kyrie Irving Practices Lay Ups In Pregame Warm Ups

One thing that I see in almost every pregame warm up is the traditional two line lay up drill. And players just mindlessly going through the motions.

Even though I'm guilty of doing this in the past, I think it's a mistake to do this. I think it's a waste of time and you could be doing something else that makes you better. Something that better prepares you for the game.

Here's why...

Rarely does anybody shoot a lay up in a straight line, from the same spot, at the same angle, with the same amount of dribbles, and with no defense present.

Instead, check out what Kyrie Irving does during warm ups.

This is an excerpt from a recent ESPN article on Kyrie Irving which is a good read.

When he (Irving) played for the Cavs, he would instruct Shumpert to ambush him in the layup line during pregame warm-ups. Instead of benignly rebounding the ball for him, Shumpert was to turn, without warning, and aggressively aim to block Irving's shot. "That way," Shumpert says, "Kyrie could practice suddenly changing angles on his finishes."

At the very least, you should change the angle and the distance on every repetition. Similar to this drill:

Preferably, you do some 1v1 finishing drills like this one:

Hopefully, adding some variety and difficulty to your lay up drills during pregame will better prepare you for the game and help you continue to improve throughout the season.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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