Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Doing These Funky Shooting Drills

First, check out these two form shooting drills that Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were circulating on social media.

Below the videos, you will find more drills like these that you can use to improve your shooting. You will also learn why these drills can improve your shooting percentage.

5 Weird Shooting Drills To Improve Your Shooting!

Those two shooting drills may look familiar to you if you're a newsletter subscriber. Coach Chris Oliver went over these same two drills and a few more in a recent video. You can view the video below.

But first, why should you do these drills!? As stated in a previous article,

    One of the keys to great shooting is...

    The ability to transition to a stable, balanced position as quickly as possible! Your ability to reduce excessive twists and fading prior to shooting the ball results in a higher shooting percentage.

    Coach Chris Oliver has a unique form shooting routine that is perfect for this. It improves your shooting through better balance and stability!

In the video below, Coach Oliver covers part of this routine with five of his fifteen form shooting drills. He explains why to do each drill and how to do each drill.

Innovative Basketball Camps With Drills Like These

If you'd like to experience unique and innovative training methods, be sure to check out the BDT Camps that Coach Oliver developed.

This includes unique training principles that cover random practice, small sided games, basketball decision training, and zero seconds training.

You can see all of the camps below. Each camp has limited spots available.

Ball Handling, Shooting, and Decision Training (BDT) Camps by Chris Oliver

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iyamu osamudiame michael says:
7/4/2018 at 4:21:11 AM

great drills


Coach John Millwood says:
6/5/2018 at 10:37:19 AM

Excellent drills.


Ann Zaprazny says:
6/5/2018 at 10:04:14 AM

Nice drills


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