QUICK RELEASE: Advanced Shooting off the Dribble Basketball Drill

As mentioned in the video, this is a great drill to improve your ability to shoot off the dribble.

This helps you speed up the pick up process of the basketball and get into your shot quicker. This also means that you have more time to get your shot off against the defense. This means you get higher percentage shot opportunities.

Additionally, the dribble move aspect in this drill provides a greater challenge. During games, this should translate to easier and quicker pick up. This results in more shots and better shots during the game.

This specific drill is geared towards players with an intermediate to advanced skill set.

To make it easier for beginners, you can just do one pound dribble and into your shot.

Set Up:

Player 1 starts from a distance within comfortable shooting range. This means you can make a high percentage of the shots in catch and shoot situations.

If you have an extra person, Player 2 can start under the basket with a ball.


Player 2 passes to Player 1. After the pass, Player 2 immediately runs to a spot on the floor where they want to shoot the ball next.

Player 1 (the shooter) executes a combo dribble move then immediately picks the ball up and shoots the basketball.

Player 1 rebounds the ball and passes to Player 2.

This pattern repeats for a specified number of shots.

If by yourself, you can simply get your own rebound, then sprint back to your shooting spot and execute the dribble moves.

You can do any variation of dribble moves. In the video, the shooter dribbles through the legs twice in a row. Other examples include behind the back / through the legs, crossover / behind the back, and through the legs / crossover.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Ready to shoot - You want to have your legs ready and your mind ready. You want to have your legs loaded in an athletic stance. You also want to be relaxed and focused, so you immediately go into your dribble move and quickly into your shot pick up. That way, you can develop a quicker and more accurate shot.

  • Legs loaded after dribble move - After you execute your dribble move, you want to immediately bring the ball into your shooting motion. You donít want to dip the ball more after the dribble move. This will slow down the shooting process and possibly disrupt rhythm.

  • Quick dribble moves - To challenge yourself, you should focus on ramping up the quickness of the dribble moves after each repetition. This will challenge you on the pick up process. And during games, a normal shot off the dribble will feel quick and effortless.

Drill Variations:

  • Change dribble move and location each repetition (Add variability each repetition) - To add variability, you can change the dribble move and the shot location after each repetition. This provides another challenge and is similar to how your shot changes each time during games.

  • Different passing angles - You can also have the rebounder dribble to a different spot on the floor prior to passing. This simulates passes from different angles and locations. Something you would experience during a game.

  • Add defense (Add random practice element) - After the player passes the ball under the basket, the player closes out and defends the shooter. If open, the player immediately shoots. If not open, player attacks. You can switch after each repetition. You can also have it where the defense must make a stop before going to offense.

    This better simulates the game and helps you get better at choosing when to shoot or attack.

    However, never sacrifice the attack mentality. Itís better to attack immediately and choose the wrong option occasionally than to choose the right option every time and be hesitant.

  • Add passing and play 2v2 and 3v3 (Another random practice element) - If you want to add the choice of the pass, a simple way to do this is to do the same 1v1 drill mentioned above. However, you would just add more players off the ball. When the drill starts, you play live.

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