1v1 Chris Paul Drill With Dribble Moves To Cut Off Trailing Defenders

This video shows you how crafty point guards like nine time all-star Chris Paul utilizes cutoff dribble moves to take advantage of trailing defenders.

Whether you are in transition or in half court, once you get by your defender, you need to learn how to keep your defender pinned on your backside.

Many times a defender comes from behind to back tip the basketball. If they can do this it will create turnovers and easy scoring opportunities for your opponent.

The following article will take you through moves and a drill to help you control a trailing defender.

How To Execute The Cutoff Dribble Moves

Here are some tips to execute the cutoff dribble moves.

  • Step Inside Foot - Step your inside foot into the defender and then get your shoulders and hip into them to cut the defender off.

  • Create Contact - You bump into them and create a situation where your body is in between the ball and the defender.

    Remember: Defender - Body - Ball.

  • Explode To Rim After Contact - Once you have backed them off, take an explosive step to the basket and race to the rim. Your first step after cutoff needs to create space!

Cutting off the defender not only secures the ball, but it can also increase your ability to draw fouls.

If your defender is chasing you from behind and you stop or use a hesitation move, there is a good chance they will not stop fast enough and you can create contact. This can send a great defender to the bench with foul trouble.

Even if you don't draw the foul, you have stopped their momentum. From there, you can step toward the basket and create an advantage.

Drill Instructions:

Progression 1: Defender On Opposite Side

The 1-on-1 drill begins with one player with the ball in triple threat position. The second player is the defender and he/she is right behind on the side opposite of the ball.

The defender is trying to stop the offensive player from scoring.

The offensive player's goal is to cut off the defender, secure the ball and get a lay-up.

The drill goes live when player 1 dribbles the basketball. Until then no one can move.

Switch offense to defense and run the drill a few times. Then switch to work on the opposite hand.

Progression 2: Defender On Same Side

The next progression is to have the defender start on the same side of the ball (behind the offensive player).

This time, the dribbler will need to start with a crossover to cut off the defender and keep the ball between their body and the defense.

Progression 3: Defender Chooses Side

After you switch to the opposite hand, the final progression is to run the drill with the ball handler unaware of which side the defender will be on.

This will create a situation similar to what you will face in an actual game. You will not always know which side the defender will be coming from, so you will need to be able to sense the defender and adjust accordingly.

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