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This drill is great for warming up and improving your dribbling skills.

You can use this drill at the beginning of a workout or practice for a few different reasons.

1 - It's a great progression for a warm up prior to full speed drills. Dribbling two basketballs prevents you from going too fast too quickly. That way, you don't injure yourself.

You also do common basketball movements where you run, slide, and change directions.

2 - There is a skill and a mental overload aspect.

Of course, dribbling two basketballs is the skill overload. The mental overload aspect is that you have to react to the defender. And the defender has to react to the dribbler while dribbling two basketballs.

When you go back to dribbling one basketball, everything will feel easier. And it makes you more effective with your dribble moves.

Since this also mentally wakes you up, you are more alert for more intense and mentally demanding activities, whether it's for practice or for a game.

More About Coach Jim Huber

Jim Huber has coached and trained NBA talents like Willie-Cauley-Stein, Willie Reed, and Semi Ojeleye.

And at Nike invite events, Jim also has worked with other NBA players like Jaylen Brown, Luke Kennard, Stanley Johnson, Kelly Oubre, Ivan Rabb, and more.

Jim was also a head coach for the West team that won the Nike Global Challenge.

And Jim Huber coached a team in the Nike EYBL. A league that features many future NBA players. His team made the Peach Jam and was #1 in the entire league in defense.

Jim is Director of Coach & Curriculum Development for Breakthrough Camps.

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CoachRhys says:
7/15/2023 at 3:26:03 PM

How could you adapt this drill to use in a group setting?
Taking into consideration competition & engagement (queuing for turns)

I look forward to your response
love from the uk


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