Beginner Drills To Develop An Effective Crossover Move

In the video, Breakthrough Camps instructor Jim Huber covered foundational drills for developing an effective crossover move.

The low crossover move taught in the video is a great way to change directions in tight spaces to evade the defense.

These three great crossover drills are great to use for ALL levels of players!

Stationary Crossover Drill


Your first time through, start with feet approximately shoulder width apart and they should begin by taking 2 dribbles with the right hand and then crossing over to their left hand and continue for 30-45 seconds.

Your second time through stationary crossovers, take one dribble right hand, crossover, one dribble left hand, crossover.

Third time through the drill, just go crossovers with no dribbles in between.

These basic crossover drills are great to be worked into practice as frequently as possible. Players should not be afraid of losing the ball doing these drills, that will happen.

Points of Emphasis

  • Ball should be low and beneath the knees
  • Keep the crossover tight/close to the body
  • Crossover should be as quick as possible
  • Hard dribble (pound the ball)

Straightline Crossover Drill with Cones

For the next crossover move, you begin with several cones approximately 3 feet apart.

Start with ball in the right hand and dribble at the cone crossing over from right to left at the first cone.

As they dribble by the cone, take a big, quick step with the right leg to get the leg between the cone (defender) and the ball.

Continue to the next cone and crossover left to right hand.

You can also work on a double crossover move as you progress.

Start by making a crossover move at the cone, imagine the defender stops the first crossover, so you make a quick second crossover going by the cone.

Make sure to switch which hand the player starts with the ball each time they start this drill.

Zigzag Crossover Drill with Cones

Zigzag crossover builds on the first two drills.

The cones are staggered for this drill.

Players dribble at the first cone using their right hand and then uses a crossover (low, tight, quick) to the left hand.

Points of Emphasis

  • You will drop step and open hips quickly as they crossover and attack the next cone.
  • Change speeds during the drill. You can start slower and then explode through the crossover move and past the cone.

Have fun with these drills - done on a consistent basis, you will see improvement quickly with your crossover moves!

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Bryan Miller says:
8/8/2018 at 10:10:39 PM

I have a lot of beginner basketball players in my aau team and the majority of them seem to struggle with their crossover move. These drills that you shared will definitely come in handy when we start training again. Plus the video makes it so easy to demonstrate. Thanks for the share!


John Jones says:
6/6/2018 at 8:06:31 PM

I like the simplicity of the drill and the structure that allows a player to build from the basic crossover. I think using a player with skills to demonstrate is appropriate.


Colleen Carter says:
6/5/2018 at 3:46:21 PM

Some great basic drills here and usually I find your videos very helpful, but if they are labeled "beginner" drills, I think it might be more effective to show a player doing them who fits that description, or at least something closer. If I showed this video to a "beginner" I'm coaching, I think it would be pretty difficult for them to see themselves in this drill when they are still struggling with ball control and footwork. I think most true beginners would have a hard time even seeing what's happening here since he's going at such a fast pace. And while his skills are impressive, you should change the label or the player to reach the correct audience. This is more like showing how even really accomplished players can push themselves in a very basic drill. Thanks for all you do!

  1 reply  

Joe Haefner says:
6/5/2018 at 4:37:16 PM

Thank you for the feedback, Coleen.

Originally, the purpose of the video was How To Develop A Great Crossover... beginning progressions to advanced progressions. Unfortunately, we had some technical issues and we couldn't use all of the footage.

So I thought I could re-purpose the video and it'd still be good content for coaches and players.

Also, if we show a beginner doing the drill, does it show players how to incorrectly do the drills? What's better? Personally, I don't know. I can see both perspectives.


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