4 Shooting Drill Progressions with Dribble Moves: Block to Wing Shooting

Jim Huber, Director of Coach Development for Breakthrough Basketball Camps, takes you through a great drill that improves shooting, footwork, dribble moves, lay ups, and more.

This is one of the best ways to practice and combine a game-like cut with dribble moves and shooting. That's because this replicates moves and footwork that actually happens during games! This is stuff that you can use!

And donít ignore the simplicity of this! Most of your shots come off cuts and actions similar to this...

Around 80% of your shots come off two dribbles or less! Thatís why you need to do this. Practice what you do the most in the game! Then get really, really good at it.

Perfect the small details that will take you from good to great! Make your shot quicker, explode more quickly to the basket, change directions quicker on the dribble move, get more efficient with your footwork, etc. Itís not the drill that matters. Itís getting better at the skills that matter. Skills that are applicable to the game.

Progressions and Instructions:

Here are the shooting drills and instructions from the video.

Shooting Drill #1 - Back Pivot

You begin underneath the basket with the ball. Use a spin out and throw the ball out to the three-point line. You will run out to get it and come to a quick stop.

Execute a back pivot to face the basket and think shot, so you are ready to shoot it. This is meant to simulate shooting off the catch.

Take the shot without a dribble. If you miss your shot, get your rebound and finish with a lay up. Then repeat the process with another shot from the same spot on the wing.

Once you have done a few reps from one spot, switch spots.

In the video, you will just see them demonstrate back pivots, but you can also use this drill to work on front pivots and pivot to the outside or inside.

Shooting Drill #2 - Back Pivot > Sweep > Dribble Move > Lay Up

This is a new layer to the same drill. This time when you pivot, think shot but pretend that the defender has taken the shot away.

Sweep and step to attack the basket, but pretend that the defender has stepped in front of you. Change directions with a dribble move then finish with a lay up.

At times, you might focus on one dribble move and one type of finish to improve those specific skills.

Other times, you might practice a number of different dribble moves and finishes. You can practice a few reps of one combination before moving to a new one.

It just depends on your skill level and objective.

Shooting Drill #3 - Back Pivot > Sweep > Dribble Move > Jump Shot

This progression is much like the last, but this time you will take a jump shot after your dribble move.

If you miss, finish with a lay up. If you make the initial shot, repeat the drill.

Make sure to change directions and extend your dribble away from the defense. This creates separation for an open shot.

Once again, you can focus on one move or practice a few different dribble moves depending on your goals.

Shooting Drill #4 - Variable Practice: Change Location and Move Each Time

In the final layer, you will put together everything you have worked on above and make the drill more random. You can throw it to any spot on the floor. Every time you throw the ball out to the wing, it needs to be a different area than the last time.

When you pivot to the basket you have the option to turn and shoot, turn and drive or turn and one dribble pull up.

This will help you replicate game-like situations. During the game, you will not have the luxury of taking the same shot three or four times in a row. So this variation will help you practice different shots from different areas on the court.

Training Tips:

  • Focus on your footwork Ė Put in the time with this drill so that you can get your footwork down to where you are doing the same footwork every time.

  • Stick your feet Ė When you pivot, make sure you get your momentum going to the basket. This is especially important on back pivots because your bodyís weight is drifting away from the basket. You need to stick your feet to get your body going towards the basket so you can go up for a shot or forward to the rim. This will make you more effective in hitting a lot of shots.

  • Speed up the footwork - Once you are using proper footwork, speed things up. You want to practice on turning and facing the basket quicker and quicker. This will make your shot process quicker and put more pressure on the defense. If they donít close out fast enough, you shoot. If they close out too fast, you drive by them. If they recover in time, you hit them with a dribble move.

  • Mix it up Ė Once you get better at executing the skills, add variety to this workout to make it variable and more game-like. This allows you to have more success when you do get into the game because you practice more like the game is played.

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