3 Moves To Finish Through Contact

Here are three great moves to help you finish through contact.

Coach Jim Huber also shows you some great ways to equalize taller, more athletic shot blockers to score more points around the basket.

Learn these moves and much more at our Breakthrough Shooting, Ball Handling, and Finishing Camps.

You will also learn more training tips to score around the basket, shoot the ball better, and develop effective dribble moves.

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Vlado-Mirza says:
4/14/2019 at 9:22:58 AM

I like game like drills. It's also more interesting for players and gives them a better feeling in the game 5 on 5


Otis Moses says:
3/23/2018 at 6:27:20 PM

Great video as I have demonstrated with my son and he has improved in his physical play of the game as well as the additional scoring processes.


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