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Baden Heavy Training Basketball - 29.5"
Training Aids
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Heavy weight training ball used to improve passing, dribbling, and ball skills
Size 7 - 29.5"
Weighs 41 ounces
Yellow rubber cover
Official men's size basketball.

Shipping only available in USA (Excludes Puerto Rico)


The heavy training ball increases hand/arm speed and strength.  It can also improve core strength.

You can use the weighted ball with almost any passing or dribbling drill.  A few popular passing drills you can use with the weighted ball includes 4 corner passingpass and switch, 3 man weave, and middle man passing.  The drills will increase strength so players can pass quicker, harder, and farther.  Players will also improve confidence and skill with the ball.

Some players shoot with the weighted ball to increase their shooting range.  However, you should be very careful when shooting with the weighted ball.  You'll need to stay close to the basket. And when used incorrectly, the heavy ball can cause bad shooting technique/habits.

You can also use the popular Mikan drill with the weighted ball to improve strength and confidence near the basket.

There are numerous ways to use the heavy training ball.  Use it with almost any passing or dribbling drill and you will improve your hand speed and strength.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us at any time.  

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Reg Marin from Marietta, GA
1/26/2016 at 2:07 PM
Very pleased with the Baden heavy basketball. It has excellent quality and excellent training tool for my 8th grade grandson. He uses it for ballhandling drills as well as passing,rebounding, and shooting .
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