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Topic:  Short Practice Time

Question from Stephan:
One thing I wonder is that in Germany, we have only up to 2-3 training units with "lower class" Basketball Teams with only 2h of training time.

How would you organise training in such a limited period of time? Stress more defense, offense, how would you integrate athletic training etc?

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Omar says:
12/10/2020 at 8:10:21 PM

i want 10 quetions and answers about fundamentals of basketball!


coach Charles long says:
3/10/2015 at 11:25:18 PM

Excellent information the new school of carver jv girls can really this information


Ken Sartini says:
1/14/2014 at 1:43:58 PM

Coach -

You don't have a lot of time for practicing so keep things simple. Work A LOT on fundamentals since you are saying that there skill level is low.

I don't know if they are just running plays or what they are using for an offense... but IF you can find time... maybe a 5 out pass and cut offense would work for them.

What type of defense did they play? Try and keep things the same for awhile and you can change it as you get more comfortable with them and learn what they can and cannot do.

You are in a tough position... do the best you can, keep it simple, teach fundamentals and have some fun with them.


Lawrence says:
1/14/2014 at 12:45:52 PM

I am a first year coach coaching senior high with no experience playing basketball. The team here did not have a coach and the kids came to me and asked if I will coach them. We only have 1 hour for practice twice a week. My question is what should I focus on during practice. The kids showed me the plays the last coach used. The kids play more for fun than competiveness. There last coach was very focused on winning and gave up on the kids cause of there skill level or lack there of. Some of the kids have good defence and shooting skills.


Jeff Haefner says:
4/20/2012 at 10:21:57 AM

Practice offense, defense, and skills at the same time.


fella says:
4/20/2012 at 6:34:54 AM

with the few minutes i have read some of your articles, i have been impressed with them. I coach a lower grade school with a little time to spend with them 25-30 minutes. What can i do to make the drill an efficient one? thank you Jeff


seeindouble says:
1/17/2012 at 10:56:28 AM

This ain't basketball, BUT most of this stuff is UNIVERSAL. Glean from it what you will:

GREAT for first year coaches:


By: Bud Wilkinson (winner of 47 straight games & 3 National Championships at U. of Oklahoma):

GENERAL COMMENTS: The best coach is the one who makes the fewest mistakes the one who does the best teaching job the one who is the best organizer. Writing the X’s & O’s is not the most important thing. There are 22 variables in a football game. Coach must be a salesman to the extent that when his team loses, they don’t blame him or the offensive and/or defensive system, but rather themselves.

FIRST = FAILURE TO USE TIME EFFICIENTLY. Failure to recognize the time factor available to get the job done. Planning makes for valuable use of time. Too long on any one thing produces boredom. When boredom comes in, learning goes out. Football players have a short attention span. Hold to time schedule.
SECOND = FAILURE TO EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE OF THE DRILL. Tell the boy WHY he is doing what he is trying to accomplish and he will do a better job. Explain WHY, then show HOW.
THIRD = IMPROPER TEACHING PROGRESSION. You can’t teach a boy how to block until he has learned stance. If he hasn’t learned stance, he doesn’t know how to step out of the stance into the block.
FOURTH = TOO MUCH VERBAL INSTRUCTION ON THE FIELD. How much can boy learn from your verbal instruction with his helmet on, he’s breathing hard, he aches, he’s stunned, etc. Do WHO and WHY in chalk talk. Teach assignments before hitting the field. Correct on the field. Teach – no! (HOW is taught on the field – not WHO & WHY).
FIFTH = TOO MUCH DEMONSTRATION BY COACH. How much you know is not important. How much player knows is.
SIXTH = BEING ON THE FIELD TOO LONG. Better to have a team eager to play rather than physically tired. How long to practice is a judgment factor. Cut down as season goes along – not going to change mechanical ability late in season. Only one rule never violated at Oklahoma. If one coach on staff feels practice too long, we must cut it down. More boys play poorly because they practiced too long than boys playing poorly because they didn’t practice long enough.

FIRST = TACTICS AND VICTORY. You get very few victories on tactics. Victories come if you can out block, out tackle, out fundamental your opponent. Red Sanders quote: “Intimidate them physically”! Outmaneuver – no. Defeat – yes.
SECOND = CLEAR CUT PHILOSOPHY A MUST. Decide on an offense and defense that will suit your personnel then stick to it. Depth of morale can be determined by a kid’s reaction to a loss. If morale deep, they’ll blame themselves. If morale shallow, they’ll blame you.
THIRD = TOO MANY PLAYS AND DEFENSES. Subtract the number of different plays used in the game from the total number of plays you practiced. If this number is too large you better get rid of some plays. It is difficult enough to know when to run off- tackle, but if you have four ways to run off-tackle, you will never get the right play. Beauty of Split-T was it’s very limited number of plays

FIRST = BE REALISTIC ABOUT PLAYER’S ABILITY. Don’t just put an X or an O on the board. Put up the boy’s name. Immediately his limitations affect the offense or defense you put up. Whale of a lot of difference between Dick Butkus and Humpty Dumpty.
SECOND = WHEN CHIPS ARE DOWN, BEST PLAYERS ARE IN THE GAME. It is a mistake to be able to play blue chippers only one way. Say best kid you have can only go on offense. Say opponent has ball for 45 minutes. These are 45 minutes he cannot help you.

FIRST = RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER FACULTY MEMBERS. The environment that exists has a lot to do with winning or losing. If they are with you, your job is easier. If they are against you, you’re in trouble. Work on a program of how to win friends and influence faculty members.
SECOND = ORGANIZE A MOTHER’S CLUB. Get mother on your side by pointing out to her what he can get out of football besides winning games.
THIRD = PRESS, TV, AND RADIO. Straight up fact of life that the great majority of people get their impression of you from what they read in the paper, see on TV, or hear on radio. Their jobs depend on info. Get it to them to make their jobs easier. Get these people on your side. Let them know what you’re doing. They will interpret what you’re doing in the way you want it interpreted if they are with you.

FIRST = FOOTBALL BEGINS WITH MORALE! Once you get morale, it is easy to maintain. How to get it is a problem.
SECOND = HOW TO LOSE MORALE. Do what you said you’re going to do. Don’t say we’re going to practice 1 ½ hours and go 2 ½ hours. Training rules – if you’re not going to enforce them, don’t have them.
THIRD = MORALE STEMS FROM DISCIPLINE (ALL Discipline begins by being on time).
FOURTH = TREAT PLAYERS AS A PERSON. If he feels you are interested in him only as a football player, he won’t go all out for you. If you are interested in his academics, his personal problems, etc. and he knows this, he’ll go all out for you. Convince him that football is good for his future.
FIFTH = One year, Notre Dame had 2 competing QB’s. Under great athlete, team failed under mediocre QB, team succeeded. Why? Captain’s reply – “the great athlete is trying to show how good HE is. The TEAM is trying to make the average guy look good”.

FIRST = DON’T COPY! Note clinicians and their personalities. ALL different ways of being successful. Plan carefully in the off season. Can’t take golf lessons between the 8th green and 9th tee.

CONCLUDING REMARKS: The man who is best organized and does the best teaching job, is the best coach.


Coach P says:
11/3/2011 at 10:03:57 PM

I need some screening drills?


Jeff Haefner says:
12/1/2010 at 8:00:36 AM

Al - Don't bother with set plays. They are a waste of time at this age. Here are a few links to help you out with a youth team:


Al says:
12/1/2010 at 12:29:04 AM

I am coaching a biddy basketball team (1st & 2nd graders-all boys).

They have played together last year, so they trust one another and like me as their coach.

What drills can I teach them in a 1 hour, once a week practice?

I have 3 of the kids who are great athletes and want to learn, and the others are there to be with their friends (which is fine , but they like to play too)

Are there EASY plays to run to get every player involved?

Thanks in advance....


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