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Ball Handling & Footwork Workouts (Home or Gym) 1 Year Subscription
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Ball handling & footwork workouts that you can do at home or at the gym.  Includes over 100 drills.  Detailed instructions, emphasis points, and streaming video for every drill.  Includes 1 Year Subscription.
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Progressive Ball Handling & Footwork Workouts That You Can Do Anywhere -- You Just Need 20 Feet of Space and a Ball

Introducing Breakthrough Basketball's new ball handling and footwork workouts!

You can make dramatic improvements to your dribbling and ball handling skills by following quick and easy ball handling workouts that utilize a few unique strategies that will accelerate your development.

Some of the features of the program include:

  • Logically designed workouts to build skills in a progressive system.
  • Choose from 24 skill levels grouped into 5 different age groups.
  • Workouts designed for every age group and skill level.
  • Easy to use step-by step workouts.
  • Follow along videos -- almost like having a trainer with you.
  • Track your progress and record scores on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Over 200 ball handling and footwork drills.
  • Detailed instructions, emphasis, and video for every drill.

What Makes This Workout Unique and Why Is
It So Effective?

This workout is extremely effective and unique because it utilizes a few simple strategies that allow players to make huge improvements...

1) Short and Concise

Each workout is very short and focused... only 8-14 minutes each day. This does two things for you...

One, it allows you to workout out consistently (daily). Anyone can manage to find 12 spare minutes a day.

Two, ANY player will follow this workout... regardless of your motivation or commitment level. Even players that are focused on other sports -- or with limited time and motivation will do the workouts. It's only 12 minutes!

2) It Works for Highly Motivated and Committed Players Too

Don't let the short and concise workouts fool you. They are effective even for the most committed player that wants to workout 4 hours a day.

And if you find you need more... you can do two, three, or four workouts in one day. You choose your pace and level. It's flexible for any type of player.

3) Fun Challenges

Each workout includes "fun challenges" that motivate players to push themselves.

We find that by including simple challenges, players are motivated and enjoy the workouts. For example, players are challenged to see how many "pound dribble cross-overs" they can do in one minute. Not only is the work productive but players really enjoy the challenge.

Players can record their score and try to beat their score on each upcoming workout.

This keeps the workouts engaging, fun, and effective.

4) No Excuses - You Can Do the Workouts at Home or the Gym

The workouts are designed to be flexible. You can do the entire workout in your garage, on your back patio, in your basement, or at the gym.

You just need about 20 feet of flat space and a basketball. No hoop or fancy equipment is required.

Now you have no excuses and this workout allows you to practice consistently... which is the key to improvement. You can workout every morning before school, after school, or at night. It only takes about 12 minutes and can be done almost anywhere.

5) THE SECRET SAUCE - Small and Consistent Time Investments

Probably most important of all -- the ball handling workouts allow you to make small and consistent "time investments" that pay huge dividends...

Much like financial investments, if you diligently invest a small amount of money into your savings each day, those small investments will add up to large amounts over time.

Since every workout is very short... only 8-14 minutes and you can do them anywhere (at home or the gym), you can literally workout every single day.

This daily routine adds up to HUGE IMPROVEMENTS and is one of the most effective ways to improve your skills.

Each workout is very focused yet easy to complete because they are so short and we make them fun with the "challenges".

You'll be amazed how much you will improve if you follow this workout for just 8-14 minutes each day.

6) It's Human Nature to Establish Daily Routines

Humans are creatures of habit. Once you establish a daily routine, it becomes a habit. It becomes part of your daily routine.

By making the workouts short and flexible, players develop daily routines and it simply becomes a habit for them to do their "daily ball handling workout".

Once this workout becomes a habit, you are well on your way to make HUGE IMPROVEMENTS!

The bottom line is the workouts are designed to be extremely effective by applying some unique concepts and ingenuity.

Step by Step Videos and Daily Workouts -- Easy to Use

The program takes the guess work out of training. You just choose your workout and your level.

It then takes you through each day and each drill step by step. Each drill includes detailed instructions and a video demonstration.

It's almost like having a trainer with you.

Progressive Workouts for EVERY Age and Skill Level

We have designed workouts for five different age groups.

Other than the 5-6 year old workouts, each age group includes multiple levels. As players get older and advance to higher levels, new skills are added and the challenges increase.

The ENTIRE PROGRAM is logically designed to build skills in a progressive manner.

Players are getting the proper drills and emphasis at the right time. Foundational skills are taught in a logical order. And then each progressive skill is added layer by layer.

The workouts are organized by the following...

5-6 Year Old Workouts

This is a short and fun workout for youngsters that want to practice their skills.

The primary emphasis in the 5-6 year old workout is to have fun and develop coordination. At this very young age, the most important thing is to have fun, develop coordination, and develop fundamental movement skills.

This is a very basic workout that includes 1 level and lasts 30 days.

7-8 Year Old Workouts

The 7-8 year old workout includes 3 different skill levels:

  • Level 1 - Beginner (21 Days)
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (21 Days)
  • Level 3 - Advanced (40 Days)

Each level adds new progressive skills and becomes increasingly more challenging. Once you complete a level and feel like you have mastered the drills in that level, you can progress to the next level.

9-10 Year Old Workouts

The 9-10 year old workout includes 5 different skill levels:

  • Level 1 - Beginner (21 Days)
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (21 Days)
  • Level 3 - Advanced (24 Days)
  • Level 4 - Advanced (24 Days)
  • Level 5 - Elite (35 Days)

Each level adds a new progression of skills and becomes increasingly more challenging. Once you complete a level and feel like you have mastered the drills in that level, you can progress to the next level.

Level 5 is the most challenging and designed for elite level players.

11-12 Year Old Workouts

The 11-12 year old workout includes 6 different skill levels:

  • Level 1 - Beginner (42 Days)
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (26 Days)
  • Level 3 - Intermediate (28 Days)
  • Level 4 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 5 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 6 - Elite (40 Days)

Each level adds a new progression of skills and becomes increasingly more challenging. Once you complete a level and feel like you have mastered the drills in that level, you can progress to the next level.

Level 6 is the most challenging and designed for elite level players.

13 Years and Up / High School and College Players

This is for players that are 13 years old and up. There are numerous stages that will even challenge pro and division 1 college players!

This workout includes 10 different skill levels:

  • Level 1 - Beginner (42 Days)
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (26 Days)
  • Level 3 - Intermediate (28 Days)
  • Level 4 - Intermediate (28 Days)
  • Level 5 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 6 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 7 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 8 - Advanced (28 Days)
  • Level 9 - Elite (28 Days)
  • Level 10 - Elite (42 Days)

Each level adds a new progression of skills and becomes increasingly more challenging. Once you complete a level and feel like you have mastered the drills in that level, you can progress to the next level.

Level 10 is the most challenging and designed for elite level players.

Workout Builder (Build Unlimited Custom Workouts)

This feature allows you to build your own custom workouts using the drills included in the program. You can customize the workouts based on your preferences and needs.

Take The Workouts With You

You can view the basketball workouts on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

This allows you to take your smartphone or tablet with you and view the workouts on the court, in your garage, in the basement, etc...

The program shows you exactly what to do - taking you through each day, each drill, and each step.

It's almost like having a pro skill coach in the gym with you (almost).

You simply open the program, choose your workout, and it leads you through the workout step-by-step.

You can also track your progress, reps completed, and more...

Coaches Dashboard - Share Workouts and Monitor
Player Progress

Coaches or parents can purchase an optional license that allows you to...

  • Share workouts with other players or your entire team at a discounted rate.
  • Create custom workouts and share with players.
  • Monitor your player's progress.
  • Monitor your player's stats.

You can share any workout you own or any custom workout you created.

This is an incredible tool for coaches. This feature has made a huge difference in the teams we coach. Over 80% of our players do the workouts consistently and they have made tremendous improvements.

This add-on can be purchased from inside the app -- or after you click Add to Cart below and begin the check-out process.

Watch This Video to See How the Program Works

Program Requirements

The program requires Internet access (Wi-Fi and cellular connections are supported).

The program will run on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a connection to the Internet.

This includes mobiles devices like the iTouch, iPad, android devices, windows phones, and more.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like any reputable bookstore or retail business, we have a 100% money back guarantee too.

If for any reason, your purchase is not what you expected, just send us a message and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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If you'd like to order by telephone, call us at 1-866-846-7892 (toll free).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Currently 4.6/5 Stars.
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5 john mensore from new martinsville, WV says:
3/2/2020 at 8:34:33 AM

Simple but well executed short but varied. It is a program that jives with today's lower attention span kids drills are short and varied with timer and short video instruction. I think media needs tailored like this to today's kids if it is too long they won't do it. Really the simple design of it is its genius.

This review is helpful

5 Tony C from Catasauqua, PA says:
3/2/2020 at 12:35:13 AM

Very happy to have this product. Our season is over, but I bought this for my girls 6 and 8 years old) to keep them engaged during the offseason. They love it! They love that it’s different drills almost every day. The part I enjoy is that it’s easily manageable for them. So when I am unavailable, they can continue the work out themselves. Then I’m able to check their results and how they log their scores. Thank you!

This review is helpful

5 Paddy O Malley from Dublin, None says:
3/1/2020 at 1:29:42 PM

Found this to be an excellent tool resource in the coaching of my under 11s boys team .
Very happy with the product and the price.
I would recommend this programme to any youth coach.

This review is helpful

5 Kyle Grayson from CHICAGO, IL says:
2/21/2019 at 1:24:52 PM

This program is amazing and the customer service and premium. I recommend it to even adults who just want to develop better fundamentals in pick-up games.

This review is helpful

5 Kristina from MAYFLOWER, AR says:
2/20/2019 at 4:11:48 PM


This review is helpful

5 jeff ousley from Kokomo, IN says:
2/12/2019 at 9:28:54 PM

So far i will give it a 5. I like that it has different age levels for different drills. About 4 days in and it is a short effective dribbling app.

This review is helpful

5 shannon from Ola, AR says:
2/12/2019 at 11:50:17 AM

Great use of video and comments to fully explain the high points to help accomplish the end results desired. Interesting enough to keep the attention of young players and have them looking forward to the next drill and challenge.

This review is helpful

5 Lori Raper from Steamboat Springs, CO says:
2/11/2019 at 12:41:00 PM

Incredible access to so many parts of the game. No guess work!

This review is helpful

5 Love from Charleston, SC says:
2/7/2019 at 2:38:34 PM

Excellent resources for coaches. It is great that I can get to it via my phone as well and don't have to print/carry papers with me.

This review is helpful

5 Val says:
9/25/2018 at 12:17:17 AM

Great little app. My daughter is totally into it.

This review is helpful

5 Coach Tony from Henderson, NV says:
8/24/2018 at 2:26:42 AM

Hey this workout app is incredible! I think it’s great because anyone can start from any position where they feel comfortable. The app does a great job of explaining the drills and the videos make it easy. I also like being able to track the stats.
As an adult who plays recreationally, I use the workout and it’s like I’m back in high school, but I’m getting better with each workout. It also helps my cardio.
As a coach, I can teach my youth middle schoolers basic fundamentals and it’s fun watching their confidence grow!
Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!

This review is helpful

5 JG says:
5/21/2018 at 7:57:51 AM

Been using for 2 weeks now with my 12 yr old who is getting into the game kind of late but enjoying it. I’ve noticed improvement (going 5x a week) in just two weeks. He likes the challenges and tracking to see if getting better. Progression of drills is appropriate and well thought out.

This review is helpful

5 Mark Hillman from Saint Paul, MN says:
3/11/2018 at 2:20:12 PM

This app is daughter loves it and finds it easy to use...especially important are the short videos...

This review is helpful

5 Jim Anderson from Traverse City, MI, MI says:
3/9/2018 at 1:46:15 PM

I am big on fundamental skills since am working with 5-6-7-8 grade boys. The drills are excellent and I like the way they are presented. I would rate them a 5 star. Continue the great work.

I am sorry for goofing up the purchase procedure when ordering the drills.

Jim Anderson
Traverse City, MI 49684

This review is helpful

5 Cliff Herstad from Town of BELOIT, WI says:
3/1/2018 at 10:29:29 AM

Excellent drills and instruction.
very happy, thanx

This review is helpful

1 Roy says:
2/22/2018 at 11:03:06 AM

As a coach who would like to give the workouts to his players and monitor their progress, this would be far too expensive, as I would require licenses for each player to whom I gave the workout.

This review is helpful

5 KRISTI says:
2/17/2018 at 8:46:01 AM

I love this app! My son would try and do a workout on his own and he would do the same thing each time for 5 minutes. The app provides variety and he is motivated to do it. In addition, I enjoy getting an email that notifies me he’s completing his workout. It’s been great!!!

This review is helpful

5 Dan from Bloomington from Bloomington, MN says:
1/15/2018 at 4:59:54 AM

Great product. Bought it for my 11 year old son. First day in the basement working on drills and my 8 year old daughter asks if she can try it. That was 17 days ago and she hasn't missed a day since. Her improvement has been DRAMATIC as I hadn't really begun working with her yet. This lead to my 6 year old daughter participating every day and she hadn't shown any interest in basketball prior...My son loves it as well and has also improved. I think it is a little overpriced but there is nothing else out there like it that I have found so kudos to BTB for executing on a great idea and creating a product that truly has an impact on a kids development.

This review is helpful

5 JH says:
12/28/2017 at 2:28:43 PM

Great product to help improve ball handling and coordination. My 2 boys look forward to the workouts and the drills are easy to follow.

This review is helpful

5 Verdis Richards from Flushing, MI says:
10/22/2017 at 2:12:51 AM

This product is awesome I im a middle school basketball coach I used this for my players in they improved alot i also have a 11yr old daughter and a 5 yr old son in this product helps at all age groups and skill levels great product

This review is helpful

5 Lou from Eureka, CA says:
10/22/2017 at 12:47:44 AM

This has been a great tool for my son. He is 10 yrs old and he enjoys the drills and the videos. He emails me his results every day. I would recommend this app for anyone interested in developing their skills.

This review is helpful

3 Steve says:
8/25/2017 at 5:15:39 PM

Just ordered this about a week ago. There are definitely a lot of drills and I haven't had the opportunity to view all if them, but the variety and the different skill levels seems to be abundant. My one complaint thus far is that when you are viewing all the drills available (I believe in numerical or alphabetical order) and you click on one drill in page 3 or 4 (or any page besides page 1) and you want to go back to the page you were at (say page 3) after viewing the drill, it does not take you back to page 3, instead it takes you back to page 1. This is very annoying and time consuming. Hopefully this can be fixed. My other concern, something I didn't notice until after I purchased the product, is that it is only a one year "subscription". Does that mean after 1 year I have to repurchase the product to continue to view the drills? I hope not, that seems a little unnecessary. Hopefully that isn't the case. So, besides those two complaints thus far, the product is satisfactory for what I need.

This review is helpful

5 Blake from Cabot, AR says:
6/15/2017 at 3:29:12 PM

Great product; love the diversity it allows in choosing drills and matching to your child's skill level. Our 12 year old likes the challenge and length of drills is good so he doesn't get bored, he looks forward to doing the next day's workout.

This review is helpful

4 Blake from Cabot, AR says:
6/7/2017 at 10:47:29 AM

Pleased with the purchase for so far. Got for 12 year old and he likes the drills and looks forward to doing them. Other programs were either too simplistic with just printing out sheets of drills or too cumbersome to manage.
Really like being able to start out with drills at your level.
On IPad there isn't sound to start/end the drill or I'd have given 5 stars. Overall a good product.

** Response from Breakthrough **

Thank you for your review! Please contact support about the issue with sound on iPad. We have tested to confirm the sound works on numerous iPad models and we'd like to help you with the issue you're having. Thanks again.

This review is helpful

4 Jeremy says:
5/8/2017 at 1:32:51 AM

This site and subscription seems to work well. My daughter can send me an email when she completes the work out which I love. The login worked OK the first time I'm kind of concerned about future logins for her. I love the way the workouts are set up and the videos associated with them .
The one improvement I would lobby for is an actual app type format as opposed to web based.

This review is helpful

2 McDLT from Boise, ID says:
9/19/2016 at 7:02:47 PM

I love the concept of your young athlete being able to work out on their own; however, I am not impressed with app so far. First off, there is no volume during the drill demonstrations. After the demonstration, there is a timer that sounds at the beginning and end of the drills that are timed. It would be better if there was some type of music or encouragement to motivate your player during those 30 seconds. It's too quiet. Most kids aren't working out in a gym. They need some noise. Also, I was disappointed that I keep getting asked to help with a drill here and there. We don't have a solid wall to bounce the ball off of right now for passing drills. My son keeps coming to get me which defeats the purpose of doing an "individual workout".

This review is helpful
  1 person found this review helpful.

5 KGChatt from Chattanooga, TN says:
9/9/2015 at 7:20:52 AM

Innovative and interesting product. It gives my sons freedom to practice on their own and track their progress. Thus far it has help motivate individual practice, which was my primary goal. The boys know they can get a session or two done in a limited time and love tracking their individual progress. I am pleased. I do think team or family pricing could be lower but it's a great tool regardless.

This review is helpful
  2 people found this review helpful.

4 todd from New york, NY says:
9/5/2015 at 3:30:25 PM

Great product but quite expensive considering you need to buy an additional $20 add-on for a total of $50 to track only two players progress. You can just track one player's progress for the price of the product. $20 for one more seems excessive to me. That said, the variety of drills keep it new for the kids and the progression gives them something to work toward that is very concrete and motivating.

This review is helpful
  1 person found this review helpful.

5 Sustin Anderson from Brentwood, TN says:
9/3/2015 at 1:45:57 PM

Love it. Very creative and just what I need to work with my son to get better. Highly recommended

This review is helpful
  1 person found this review helpful.

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