Create an Easy Look and Gain Momentum with a Backside Lob vs. Zone Defense

A lob play is a great way to catch your opponent off guard and set up scoring opportunities for your most athletic players. By utilizing solid back screens, misdirection, and a talented passer, your team can create open looks at the rim. The following play is most effective against 2-3 and 1-2-2 zone defenses.

  • 2 should be a good athlete that can jump
    to get the ball and finish. 1 starts the
    play by passing to 2. 2 passes back to
    the point.
  • To draw the defense, 1 takes a dribble toward 3.
  • 5 flashes to the middle to draw the center defender.

  • 4 screens the weak side defender and 1 passes the lob to 2.

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Beating the Zone)

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Ken Sartini says:
10/29/2013 at 11:12:09 AM

Nice play Jeff ........ there is a school in our area that runs something like this... only 5 screens 5 and 4 screens 3.

Works like a charm. Many tmes we ran our lob play our passer threw it in the basket for a 3.... oh well.


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