USA Secondary Break With Several Isolation Options

By Daniel Benjamin

Summary: This secondary break ends with a lot of isolation/two-man opportunities for nearly all five players on the court. Most of these isolation opportunities should result in easy buckets or outstanding looks.

The best time to use this play is after a made bucket by your opponent. However, you must push the ball up the court and everyone needs to run. The key to the play once you get into the frontcourt is good movement without the ball.

Step 1

Player 1 is the point guard and he brings the ball down the left side of the court. They need to have excellent handles and be quick.

Player 2 is your guard who moves without the ball well and possesses good handles. They should also be to break the defender down one-on-one. Player 2 starts on the same side as Player 1.

Player 3 is a guard/forward and also needs to be able to break down the defender. Player 3 starts on the opposite side of Player 2.

Player 4 needs to possess good handles and decent athleticism. Player 4 is the trailer on the play.

Player 5 is a post player.

Step 2

Player 1 initiates the play by waving Player 2 across the court. Player 1 then dribbles to the left wing.

Player 4 continues to trail the play down the center of the court.

Step 3

As soon as Player 2 gets to the right wing, Player 3 cuts to the left low block.

Player 5 drops down to right low block.

Player 4 is at the top of the three-point arc.

Step 4

Player 1 reverses the ball to Player 4.

As you can see, every offensive player has an isolation opportunity if they receive the ball.

Player 4, who has the ball, has several options. He can drive, pass to Player 2 or to Player 3.

If Player 4 passes to Player 2, he can either set a ball screen for Player 2 or set a screen for Player 1, who could curl off it or go to the top of the three-point arc.

If Player 2 receives the ball, he is in perfect position for an isolation play or could play a two-man game of some sort with Player 5 in the post.
There are plenty of other options.

Step 5

In this particular situation, Player 4 decides to drive and has several options if a defender steps up off his man.

As Player 4 is driving to the basket, Player 3 slides to the right corner.

Player 4's first thought should be to get to the bucket though.

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