Multi-Option Play From The 4-Out Set With Handoff and Lob Options

By Kevin Germany

Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard had his coming out party in the 2014 NBA Finals, when he won Finals MVP. All the attention was on his ability to contain former Heat superstar LeBron James.

But, what is often lost in the discussion is Leonard's exceptional length and athleticism also make him the ideal player to finish around the rim. Coach Gregg Popovich has a set play to get Leonard a lob on offense.

Initial Setup

The play starts in a 4 out, 1 in set and can be run from the secondary break or in the half-court.

3 will be the player receiving the lob.

Play Sequence

1 passes it to 3 while 2 runs to the strong side.

4 looks to post up at the free-throw line and 5 looks to post up on the strong-side block.

Note: you want to overload the strong side because there will be no help defense to defend the weakside lob as a result.

Then, 1 runs behind 3 to receive a handoff.

3 has the option to slip the handoff and attack the basket if the defense does not guard the ball.

3 goes through a screen from 4 and then receives the lob from 1.

If the lob is not there, 3 runs to the weakside corner and 4 sets a ball screen for 1.


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