Northwestern - Great Play For Your Best Scorer With Multiple Options

The following play is a simple, yet effective play that creates an opportunity for your best scorer to attack the basket via a handoff or back cut. If neither of those options are open, you should get an open perimeter look.

I picked up this play while watching a Northwestern basketball game.

Step 1:

The play begins from a 1-4 low set, but can also be started from other sets as well. This play can be executed to either side of the floor.

1 is the point guard.
2 is a scorer.
3 is a wing and preferably a good screener.
4 is a skilled wing or post player.
5 is a good screener.


Step 2:

4 cuts up the lane, then flares to the wing.

5 cuts to the elbow.

1 passes the ball to 4 (or 5).

After the pass, 1cuts to the opposite corner and 3 cuts to the wing.



Step 3:

4 executes a handoff with 2.

2 looks to score or pass if the defense collapses.



Step 4:

If the defense overplays 2 on the handoff, 2 cuts backdoor.

As soon as 2 starts the backdoor cut, 3 and 5 cut towards the middle of the lane to set up for the next step of the play or offensive rebounding opportunities if the pass is made.



Step 5:

If the backdoor pass is not open, 3 and 5 set a double screen for 2.

2 cuts to the top of the key looking for a three-point shot off of the pass from 4.


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