New Game-Winning Full Court Basketball Play

Take a look at this great last second full court play that can be used in the final seconds of a quarter or a game. It has multiple options that will get your team attacking the basket or pulling up for a perimeter jump shot.

1 fakes to the ball, then cuts up to set a screen for 2.

Prior to the screen, 2 fakes deep, then executes a banana cut off of 1's screen. After the screen is set, 1 rolls back to the ball.

3's first option is to pass to 2. If 2 is not open, 3 passes to 1.

After 1 sets the screen for 2, 5 screens for 4. This can be a possible third option for 3 to inbound the ball.

When 1 or 2 catches the ball, they immediately look to pass the ball to 4.

1 and 2 sprint wide up the sideline.

5 rolls to the basket.

3 sprints the floor for a possible tip-in or offensive rebound depending on the time remaining in the game.

4's options are to:

  • Throw a pass to 5 who is cutting to the basket.
  • Throw a pass to 1 or 2 who are streaking up the sideline.
  • Dribble attack to create a scoring opportunity.

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